Was Sheldon Silver Released? Here’s An Update

Sheldon Silver’s wife Rosa Mandelkern Silver was once pleading to the judge to soften his sentence. Today, he has been released from jail.

Sheldon faced prison last year. He was found guilty of taking $800 thousands in legal fees from real state developers.

Sheldon Silver Wife: Rosa Silver

Sheldon Silver’s wife is Rosa Mandelkern Silver.

Silver’s wife has been married to him for more than 40 years now.

Rosa is a former schoolteacher. She used to teach at special needs school.

Is Sheldon Silver in Jail? Was He Released?

Silver’s jail sentence was for six and a half years.

However, Sheldon is set to be released early. He has served less than a year in jail. NY Daily News reports the Bureau of Prisons is planning to impose home confinement upon him.

The reason for his early release is said to be the risk of coronavirus—the 77-year-old Sheldon among the ones who are likely to catch the virus in prison. 

In fact, Sheldon had been taking bribes from real state developers. He had received around $800 thousand over ten years. The Federal Beauru arrested him in early 2015 for corruption charges.

Sheldon is still present physically in prison. He is at Otisville prison in Orange County. Besides, he had to pay $1 million as a fine.

Sheldon Silver Family: Who are his Children?

Silver’s family includes his wife and children.

Also, Sheldon shares four children with his wife. Their children have become adults now. Michelle, Esther, Edward, and Janine are their children.

Sheldon Silver Net Worth

Sheldon’s net worth is in the millions.

However, the exact figures are yet to be revealed. Notably, reports said Sheldon had a net worth of around $6 million back in 2013. That is about eight years ago.

Also, Sheldon used to earn a salary of $450 thousand per year in 2013. He was the Speaker of the New York State Assembly.


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