Water Bottle Challenge is a Tik Tok challenge that involves pranking people close to you by spilling water onto them by pretending to get scared. Also, it involves drinking a bottle of water as fast as you can. This might sound so awful but actually it’s not. A song that’s used extensively on Tik Tok has a bit jarring bit and people pretend to get scared by this beat and spill water all over their friends or family.

However, that’s not the only kind of challenge being filmed as a part of a Water bottle challenge video. Some of the people are filming themselves balancing water bottles on their feet and showing it off on their Tik Tok video. There are certain memes on the videos with hashtag “#waterbottlechallenge” as well.

Some people are making videos of just chugging water down as fast as they can in the name of this challenge. It’s pretty astounding to me how someone can just chug a bottle full of water in just 6 seconds.


##duet with @shawnthemannn it came out my nose

♬ Water bottle challenge – shawnthemannn

Of all the different kinds of videos, this right here is my favorite kind of video and the most popular kind of Water Bottle Challenge video.

Water Bottle Challenge TikTok

Water Bottle challenge is a popular trend on TikTok where you can see people drinking water like a whale. However, it would be unfair to just classify water bottle challenge videos like that. There are different types of water bottle challenge and I am going to list down all the types of water bottle challenge.

Bottle Kicking Videos

A while back, people started kicking off the caps of water bottles and keeping the bottle intact while doing so. It required very precise kicking so that just the cap would be open and the bottle wouldn’t fall down. Celebrities were involved and this trend was very popular for a while.


Pehli bari mei hi bngyi🤪 ##waterbottlechallange ##sonipat ##sonipatbros ##tiktokindia

♬ original sound – mj5_official1

Water Drinking Videos

As I already explained, these are the kinds of videos where you can see people drinking a whole bottle of water pretty fast. People filmed these kinds of videos extensively and used the hashtag “#waterbottlechallenge”.

Water Bottle Challenge Spilling Videos

These are another kind of water bottle challenges where people are seen spilling water from the water bottles on purpose. These are hilarious videos and the song used in this challenge is also pretty awesome.

Water Bottle Challenge TikTok Song Explained

People are spilling water on the Tik Tok challenge and using this Hip-hop track on the background. The song was sung by Mr.Hotspot and Toosi and its title is “Watchu doin”.

The song is very short and the one thing that’s very unique about this song is a bit scared feeling you have when you come to the “Uh Ah” part. It is in this part, people spill water from their water bottles and over someone.

The beat change is a bit sudden and people just pretend to be scared because of that. in most of these videos, toddlers are seen being pranked and that’s just very cute.

Water Bottle TikTok Song Name And Lyrics Explained

The name of the TikTok song is “Whatchu Doin” and it begins with a line “Boy, you bumping like you from West Coast” and then the lyrics continue with a screaming sound which goes “yeah yeah” and after a while, we finally hear “Whatchu Doin” which is the main part of the song.

How To Do Water Bottle Challenge? Step By Step Guide

If you want to do the water bottle challenge where you kick te cap off the bottle, make sure you have a precise kick and then just practice.

Moreover, if you want to do the drinking video, again, you need to practice. After each time you can drink the water faster and faster.

If you want to do these kinds of videos on the water bottle challenge, just put water on a bottle and then spill it.

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