What Did Malka Leifer Do? Charges And Extradition

Malka Leifer, a former Melbourne principal has been in the headlines today after the Israeli court rejected her appeal regarding blocking her extradition to Australia. She is actually a child abuser who has been alleged for 74 child sex offenses that had been conducted in the period between 2003 to 2008. Finally, after so many years, it seems that the judicial saga has now ended and Malka’s extradition to Australia will be done shortly. 

Quick Facts: What Did Malka Leifer Do? Charges And Extradition

Name Malka Leifer
Age 52 years
Gender Female
Nationality Israeli-Australian
Profession Former Principal
Married/Single Married
Husband Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Leifer
Children 8

Is Malka Leifer married? As per reports from Wikipedia, we can confirm that Malka is a married woman and the name of her husband is Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Leifer. The couple had fled to Israel once the allegations on Malka started going viral in March 2008. At least 8 different pupils had stood up to speak against her which led the Israeli police to arrest her in August 2014. 

10 Facts on Malka Leifer:

  1. Malka Leifer, a former Melbourne principal was ordered to be extradited to Australia from Isreal on September 21, 2020, and the decision will be made final by Avi Nissenkorn, the justice minister of Israel. 
  2. Furthermore, her degree of freedom in Israel has been questioned by the Israeli judicial system by people all around the globe. 
  3. After her extradition, Malka Leifer will have to face sex crime charges in Melbourne, Australia. 
  4. Also, we have come to know that Israeli police have even investigated former Minister of Health Yaakov Litzman as he had interrupted her case. 
  5. Talking about Malka Leifer’s family, she and her husband Rabbi share a total of eight children.
  6. According to The Guardian, her current age is 52 years. 
  7. Moreover, we cannot find Malka on Instagram, and neither can we find her on any other social media platform. 
  8. As of now, we are completely unknown to Malka’s maternal family members including her parents as well as her siblings.
  9. Since she was the principal of Adass Israel School, a Jewish school, Malka’s religion is definitely Judaism
  10. Although she was born in Israel, she spent most of her life in Melbourne, Australia. Thus, Malka’s ethnicity can be known to be Israeli-Australian


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