What Does Baba Booey on TikTok Mean? Bababoi Meme Meaning Explained

Baba Booey is a new meme trend on TikTok that’s being viral for no apparent reason. So if you are seeing topless guys with disfigured chins just being goofy as hell, don’t be freaked out or anything because that’s what people are doing for the Baba Booey meme.

“Meme” is the language in which Gen Z kids tend to speak and TikTok is definitely a place where Gen Z users are present in a huge number. So, it’s no surprise that there are memes on TikTok. The phrase is used when pranking someone. It’s an expression just like Alas or Oops!

The word Baba Booey was first heard by people on-air during Howard Stern show in the 90s. That’s how far the word goes to but it has resurfaced again with guys on TikTok using the hashtag “#bababooey” on their videos.

What Does Baba Booey Mean On TikTok?

What does it mean when people say Baba Booey? To tell you the truth, I don’t actually know what “Baba Booey” means. And looking at the videos, lots of people who are making these videos don’t have a clue either. They’re just jumping on the trend and making videos.


Bababooey bababooey ##bababooey

♬ bababooey – supremedon

This Tiktok video is a Baba Booey video. The guy has made his face distorted using a filter and is just screaming like a monster. And what does he yell? Of course, it’s Baba Booey!

Not only him, but there are lots of other guys making this meme. Strangely enough, none of the users who have made these memes are girls.


Use them wisely ##bababooey

♬ bababooey – supremedon

In another Tiktok video, this man right here has made a list of all the things you could say to insult someone when you are fighting with them. And he is of the opinion that you could use the word “Bababooey” to insult them. This make sit clear that it’s just a random word that people can use to insult someone.

BabaBoi Meme Meaning Explained

Some people refer to these memes as “BabaBoi” and some people say “Bababooey” but it’s the same thing at the end of the day. There isn’t anything to explain about Bababooey. It would be like an attempt to explain the word “oopsie” or something like that.

I suspect that people also use Bababooey to explain cluelessness. Take a look at this meme right here:


Duet with Timmy.2.shoes. Haha never😂 ##EsportsForAll ##police ##bababooey ##fyp ##duet ##foryou

♬ original sound – timmy.2.shoes

A person on the right is talking about reforming the police while police on the left appear clueless and just repeatedly say “Bababoey”.

BabaBooey TikTok Trend

The BabaBooey trend has been really viral on TikTok these days. Just to put it in perspective, there are 31.2 million views on videos that have used the hashtag “#bababooey” on TikTok. People are making BabaBooey videos and rather boys are making Bababooey memes.


Reply to @dan1754 breed: fluff monster owner 🐶 ##bababooey ##gamers ##gamer ##gaming

♬ bababooey – supremedon

The more and more I see these memes, I am more convinced that the word BabaBooey is not a serious thing. It’s just a random thing. Some people said this word and made few videos and everyone started jumping in the trend.

Eventually, there were millions of views on videos with this hashtag. We have seen random trends on the TikTok like this one before. And after all, TikTok feed is not a serious thing to be not filled with goofy things or memes like this.

There are YouTube video compilations of BabaBooey memes. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the BabaBooey trend has been featured on sites other than TikTok. Some people generally see this phrase on their YouTube videos as well.

This phrase doesn’t have a serious meaning but it’s a meme format- that’s all we need to know.


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