What Does CC Mean On Tik Tok? CC Meaning On Texting and Urban Dictionary

Have you guys wondered what does ‘CC’ mean on TikTok? Just like any other Internet slang words and abbreviations, CC also has different meanings in different places.

There are a number of definitions of the abbreviated word CC on text messages, social media, offices, and medical terms. The most commonly used word for CC on TikTok is ‘Closed Captioning’. But since there are so many meanings of this abbreviated word depending on the context it is being used, it might get you confused. 

Here is everything you need to know about this internet abbreviated slang word CC along with examples on how to 8use it according to the contexts.

What does CC mean on TikTok?

As prior mentioned, the most common meaning of CC on TikTok is ‘Closed Caption’. But what exactly is closed captioning? Closed Caption is a kind of like subtitles that display the texts on the videos in apps like TikTok and YouTube.

The main difference between closed captions and subtitles is that subtitle is essentially used when it is assumed that the audience can hear the audio and need the transcript in text form as well for better understanding.

While on the other hand, closed captioning assumes that the video audience cannot hear the audio and the texts will let them know what they should be hearing.

Closed Captioning includes dialogues translated into texts, and other sounds such as music, sound effects, ambiance, birds chirping, etc. are also mentioned in the brackets to let the viewers know what they should be hearing. Most of the time CC is not available on the video unless the viewer activates it manually. 

Another common meaning of CC on TikTok and other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is ‘Cute Couple’.

For example, some couple shared their video on TikTok and you think they look cute then you comment something like “OMG You guys are such a CC”.

CC meaning on Texting

In email and text messages, the meaning of CC refers to ‘Carbon Copy’.

Whenever you send your texts or emails to someone then you can send a carbon copy of that message to someone else too. That person is getting the message only for the informational purpose and he doesn’t need to reply or take action according to the content of the text message.

The common practice is to send CC to your senior person in a formal environment to let them know about the communications happening with other employees.

This term Carbon Copy comes from a method of making an exact copy of a document by using a carbon sheet to create an imprint while writing or typing on the original paper.

Nowadays Carbon copying is not that common and people use a photocopy machine instead, however, some banks still use carbon copy while filling up vouchers. 

CC meaning on Urban Dictionary

Some of the most common definitions of the word CC is given by several online platforms like the Urban dictionary, Internet slangs, and Cyber definitions. According to these sources, CC most commonly means Carbon Copy, Closed Captioning, and Cute Couple. All of these are already mentioned above. 

Apart from these meanings, the other definitions of CC include ‘Credit Card’, ‘Crowd Control’, and ‘Country Code’.

Other informal use of CC can mean ‘Cock Carousel’ which refers to women in their 20s who casually sleep around with non-committer type playboys before settling down with someone.

Similarly, the term CC can also be used to describe women who are ‘sexy’ and possess unparalleled hotness.

CC can also mean Cocaine among youngsters and refer them to as a white powder which will take you to Cloud-9.

Likewise, in cosmetics, CC means Colour Correcting cream, and in medical terms, CC means Colon Cancer.

So, now you know there are lots of meanings of CC in different contexts and we hope this article might have helped you to understand all these meanings and how to use this word CC.


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