What Does DSL and ASL Mean On TikTok? DSL/ASL Mean On Texting

DSL and ASL are the abbreviated slang words used in TikTok which has a different meaning in different places.

What Does DSL and ASL Mean on TikTok? TikTok and other social media have been filled with several acronyms and slang words in addition to their use on the text messages. The use of DSL/ASL has also become a new trend that is taking the scene by storm.

Texting and abbreviations go hand in hand, meaning that there are a  lot of acronyms used in texting and each means something else. There is also a long-running joke of the amount of this used in texting especially associated with the Millenials and Gen Z. 

In 2020, the two words have taken a new meaning and have become a part of the slang used by younger people. Keep reading to know more. 

What Do DSL and ASL Mean on TikTok?

TikTok always gives new meanings to already used words and phrases. For the most part, the platform and its creators are also constantly starting new trends. 


debated on posting this but if I stay silent, it doesn’t help anyone.. ##asl ##sexualassault ##abuse ##awareness ##herprotector

♬ Muffins In The Freezer – Tiagz

ASL and DSL have their own meaning in the outside world but in the digital age and due to TikTok, they have taken a new meaning. ASL means when someone wants to describe something as a superlative. 

To make it simple, it is like AF or As F**k. The social media phrase has become one of the things used in videos on TikTok. An example of the use of ASL would be complimenting someone by saying “you are beautiful ASL“.

TikTokers have also used ASL to post videos of people with hearing disabilities and how they would react to certain situations as opposed to people who have a standard hearing. 

DSL has a more ‘adult’ meaning, while the full form of the term is a bit too adult the censored version goes. While it might seem like a slur, the term is used to describe women who have big lips. On TikTok, the phrase has been used on videos where the creators want to express their appreciation of a girl’s lips. 

It has been used for celebrities to like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian who popularized the large lips in social media. As a matter of fact, at a time role did duet with videos of the stars with the caption and hashtag asl.  

Meaning Of ASL And DSL On Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary’s definition of DSL is “D**k Sucking Lips”. The term and phrase are used to describe women with pouty lips and big lips. According to their definition, it is a compliment to people with big lips, particularly women. 

Similarly, ASL has been defined on the website as a term originated from the project and the ghetto. The website defines it as the slurred version of “as hell” and as mentioned above, is used like a superlative. 

The slang, DSL originated in the early 2000s and has flourished on the internet since. Similarly, ASL became slang in the early 2010s and diverged from the then-better known meaning outside of social media.  

Other Uses Of ASl And DSL On Social Media

Similarly, ASL also has another meaning in reference to the bygone era of Omegle. People used to ask the age, sex, and location of a person while chatting with them on Omegle and to say it quickly they said ‘ASL.’  


And I thought I was the musician in the family 😅 @bruceisdeaf ##deaf ##deafcommunity ##siblings ##siblingscheck ##broandsis ##asl

♬ Funky Town – The Dance Queen Group

Outside of TikTok, the more standardized meaning of the term is American Sign Language which is used by people with deafness to communicate with each other using hand gestures and facial expressions.  


I am a moostrosity, but wait for it ##artistsoftiktok ##artistcheck ##asl ##ThisIsQuitting ##checkthisout

♬ sex (catching feelings) – EDEN

This is the reason creators are posting videos to the hashtag ‘asl’. There are more than 1.7 billion videos posted on the tag and there has been a lot of likes almost crossing records set by other tags. 


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