What Does Gen Z Mean On TikTok? Gen Z Meaning Explained, Urban Dictionary

What Does Gen Z Mean On TikTok? Gen Z is the generation born in the late 90s and early 2000s.

Many of you already know what Generation Z or Gen Z stands for, right? But, TikTok might have given a different meaning to Gen Z, or we could say some TikTok users. In the second week of September 2020, Twitterians got into discord with TikTok users over their Gen Z TikTok videos. 

As proven by US census, Gen Z can never mean anything else other than the generation who are in their 20s currently. Some Gen Z TikTok users are making fun of Millenials, claiming those born over the Millenials are avocado toast and Potterheads with drinking problems. While Twitter users urged not to bring shame on those born in the 80s.

What Does Gen Z Mean On TikTok?

Gen Z TikTok videos are swirling up in social media, lately. Not, only on TikTok, but the Gen Z videos posted by TikTok users have also given Twitterians some content to discuss over.


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The original video on Gen Z was uploaded by a TikToker, @mayalepa. In her Gen Z TikTok video, she shows her frustration at boomers and zoomers who lump Gen Z and Millenials together. Since then, many TikTok users have taken the side of Gen Z and are dunking Millenials.

Millennials refer to those born in the 80s in the demographic chart. While Gen Z refers to those born in the 90s and 2000s. Those of Gen Z are in their 20s now. 

Gen Z and Urban Dictionary

Generation Z or Gen Z is a chart of demography that refers to those who are born in or after the year 1990. While Millenials refer to those born earlier than the year 1990. Urban Dictionary has also defined Gen Z as the children of generation X.

Whenever you hear of Gen Z, just don’t be confused. All, you need to know when you hear about Gen Z is that it is a generation born after the year 1990.


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