What does IBF mean on TikTok? IBF Stands For In Texting, Urban Dictionary

What Does IBF mean on TikTok? the phrase has spread like wildfire since the term was first used in 2017. Simply, the term is used to describe a boyfriend that someone has met on the internet but not in real life. 

There are certain terms that pop up on TikTok all the time, but IBF has been around for a while now and was one of the acronyms used in text-culture. 

Most abbreviations used in pop-culture are derived from texting and social media and this one is no different. The use of IBF is gaining popularity as dating apps and internet relationships are becoming more and more popular especially in quarantine. 

What Does IBF mean on TikTok?

On TikTok, the term can mean one of two things, the most popular meaning is “Internet Boyfriend“. Creators and video makers are using the term to describe someone they are in a relationship with but have not met yet in real life. All of their dating and courtship has happened via text, call, or video chat online. 


meet my ibf for first time {10/8/19}❤️@jasminecherice ##foryoupage ##fyp ##ibf

♬ It’s You – Ali Gatie

There are a lot of videos on IBFs and there has also been a trend of people posting the moment they met their IBF for the first time on the internet. 

In the quarantine era, the IBF was someone that they started talking to out of boredom but eventually started a relationship with. 

Another meaning of the word is, “Internet Best Friend“, which obviously is someone who has become your best friend or the internet. Like the other meaning, the person has not yet met the person IRL (in real life) but has become their close friend or rather best friend due to their conversations online. 

TikTok also has a lot of videos of people meeting their Internet Best Friend for the fisrt time. Like the other IBF videos, these videos have also gathered a lot of views online. 

IBF’s Meaning In Texting

The term has a little different meaning in texting than it does online, while it does still mean Internet Boyfriend, in texting it can mean other things too. Like International Boyfriend or International Banking Funds. Similar to many acronyms, the term’s meaning changes over time in texting. 


Got u @.stylexaddiz ##fyp ##4you ##prank ##ibf ##charli ##dameilo ##dunkin##4you ##fyp ##rforyou ##charli ##dameilo##fyp ##4u ##fyp ##4u ##charli ##prank ##fyp ##4u##fy

♬ adri_mmer – adri_mmer

In the quarantine era, IBF’s became really famous due to people being in lockdown. There were IBFs popping up everywhere due to the stay at home restrictions. Even social media celebrities had IBFs. 

What Does IBF Mean As Per The Urban Dictionary?

The Urban dictionary defines IBF as “Internet best friend” someone you have come to contact in because of the internet you become really close and share everything hoping one day you’ll meet. 

What the site implies is that meeting the IBF is also an awaited day for bot the people involved. This term is also in contrast with IGF which means “Internet Girlfriend”. 

Some of the other meanings provided on the website details that the acronym means an internet friend. They can be thousands of miles away but the ibfs can still be close. As a matter of fact, in the digital era, ibfs are some of the closest friends out there. 


I travelled from Poole —> Essex to surprise @amicharlize for her birthday party 🙂 ##fyp ##ibf

♬ Break the Distance – Ashton Edminster

According to one of the definitions on the site, the IBF is someone who will not judge you for anything on the outside but will be a true friend as they will be nice to you and support you in everything. They are also a person’s go-to friend to talk online. As a matter of fact, you can spend hours each day talking to someone you met on the internet and even share everything each day for a long time. 


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