What Does MFS Mean On TikTok? The phrase has become monotonous with some videos on the platform. Creators are using it on their captions and within the video texts as well. 

While it is an abbreviation of a slang word, there are many more creative uses and meanings of ‘MFS’ on TikTok. Some users have really created their own type of video using the phrase. It has also garnered immense popularity in social media with millions of views on #mfs

What Does MFS Mean On TikTok?

Quite simply, ‘MFS’ is the short form of ‘motherfu*ckers’, it is used as an abbreviation of the profane word. Another use of the word is to describe ‘mom’s friend’s son’, the overachiever that someone’s mother constantly compares their son to.  


And That’s On Having A Mexican Dad And A Filipino Mom ##immfs ##mfs ##WhatsPoppin ##fyp ##foryoupage ##mondaymood ##justforfun ##oneday

♬ original sound – jayskiii


On TikTok, both of these meaning are popular, there are millions of videos with the caption ‘MFS’ that means motherfu*ckers. Users like luljaime’s video call out people who want to get tattoos but can’t because of their parents. 

This version is also used to call out and insult people who do something wrong or what the user feels is wrong, like deliberately throwing plastic waste into the ocean or kicking and abusing animals.  


##isweartogodiwilllikethisvideo ##foryoupage ##imanexpert ##follow ##like ##subscribe ##mfs

♬ original sound – cadenmercer


The same meaning goes for other social media platforms, but mfs usually means motherfu*ckers in texting. 

Urban Dictionary Meaning Explained

There are a few definitions of MFS on the Urban dictionary, the first and most popular one is obviously the Abbreviation for Motherf**kers. 


LMAOOOOO ##MFS ##fyp ##Foryoupage ##BoostYourMood ##massachusetts

♬ original sound – jayskiii

Likewise, the site has also listed its other uses, like Mother F*cking Smokers, which is used to describe people who bother other people by smoking in a public place. 

A particularly insulting use of MFS listed by UD is Man Face Syndrome, which is a derogatory term, and a rating scale used to insult a girl whose face appears like that of a man to the speaker. 


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