What Does OF Mean On TikTok? Of Meaning Explained

What Does OF mean? You might have this question because many people on TikTok and the internet are using this word these days and not sing this in the regular context. In regular English, most of the time “of” is a preposition regularly used in essays and the English language. However, online social media interaction is a bit different and slang words are used extensively thus making new definitions of the words.

Urban Dictionary and the internet has definitely made some suggestions about what the word OF refers to different things. There are about 3 or 4 definitions of the word “of” and I am going to explain the meanings of each and every one of those definitions.

What Does OF Mean On TikTok?

Of has a different meaning on the internet and when I say the internet, it definitely includes TikTok. Although not that extensively, TikTokers have used this word in a nontraditional way. One of the most popular meanings of the word “OF” is Oh F**k.

That’s as Generation Z as it could get. Isn’t it just so perfect? You are having a conversation and you need to say “oh f**k” but your poor fingers have to do so much hard work to write those extra 4 letters. In a distressful situation like that, just make up an abbreviation that carries the same meaning. Yay!

This is one of the videos on Instagram with the hashtag “#ohfuck”. It’s a perfectly understandable reaction to a guy falling from a flying dirt bike. There are many different situations where you could say “oh f**k” in real life. 

And if you didn’t know, now, you can use “of” to say the same thing on the internet.

Of Meaning Explained

There are other meanings of the word “of” as well. One of the meanings of the word is “Onlyfans”. OnlyFans is a website platform where people can pay money for their favorite couple or a person to do live shows for them which could be pornographic as well. By signing up with Only Fans, you can see your favorite people make customized porn for you.

On TikTok, there are videos with the hashtag “#onlyfans“, But none of the videos have sexual content because TikTok has a strong policy against pornographic contents.

This is one of the posts on Instagram where this girl has used the hashtag “#onlyfans” and has even posted a link of her OnlyFans page. However, TikTok has no such posts and videos.

Of Meaning In Texting

Texting was invented before social media communication and people definitely use the word “of” in texting as well. OF also means Old Fatty according to Urban Dictionary. Now, we have to understand that these definitions are all very informal and most people might not get it.

People with enough knowledge of the internet lingo know about these terms. In texting or on the internet or in a dissertation paper, “OF” could mean all of the above meanings and it completely depends upon the context.

Let me just give you a quick example of how this word can be used in different contexts so that the meaning becomes crystal clear to you.

  • OF! I think I just stubbed my toe.

Here OF means “oh fuck” and highlights the anger of this person.

  • Hi, Guys. I am Emily and this is my OF page.

This is Emily just asking guys to see her OnlyFans account and get more followers so that she can make more money.

  • Look at that annoying OF. I hate her.

This is where OF means Old fatty. So, I hope I have made you guys clear on all different meanings of the word “of”.


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