What Does ONG Mean On Tik Tok? ONG Meaning on TikTok Explained

What are you doing these days? Probably trying to adapt to the new normal life of TikTok, are you? Well, if you are, then you might have come across this phrase on TikTok, ONG. TikTok has been a place for new trends very often. This year, we have seen several new trends and challenges on TikTok. From strawberry hack to cake meme, we have seen it all.

In the longing race of never-ending TikTok trends, we have another one to add to our watch list. This time around, TikTokers are back with a new trend, ONG. If you look for the ONG hashtag on TikTok, you will be in awe for sure. Well, this tag has 50.9 million TikTok video views already. 

Don’t even mention that you have not heard of ONG on TikTok, your friends are going to mock you badly. Before you find in the bizarre and awkward situation of not knowing what ONG mans on TikTok, here is something for you.

What Does ONG Mean On Tik Tok? ONG Meaning Explained

If you don’t know what ONG means on TikTok, you don’t have to be ashamed or feel low. There are new TikTok trends and challenges every now and then, and it is hard to keep up with every one of them. And you also don’t need to put your effort to find out what ONG means on TikTok, because we are here for your help.


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ONG is one of the most popular trends in TikTok in 2020. It is one of the internet slang or abbreviations you will get to see on TikTok for a few weeks now, and the cycle might event tire you up. Before that, we will let you know what it really means. Slang ONG means ‘misspelling of OMG.’ Well, don’t thank us for there’s a lot more to ONG than just being the misspelling of OMG.


Just watch the yt: those bridge guys##EatEmUp ##wipeitdown ##ong ##fyp ##xyzbca

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There’s another meaning to ONG on TikTok. ONG is also used as a slang on TikTok that means agreeing to something. The slang is similar to the phrase ‘i swear to god.’ Now you know it. If next time you see this slang on TikTok, you know what the TikTok user is trying to say through his video.

ONG Meaning on Urban Dictionary

You will see the use of different internet slangs and abbreviations on TikTok very now and then. You will be hard-pressed to find a destination that can give you the meaning of most of the TikTok slangs and abbreviations. Well, you can look up to Urban Dictionary for TikTok slangs and full forms.

As seen on urbandictionary.com, ONG implies to On God. This means you are all true. Basically, we do we sear to God? Isn’t it when we are dead serious and saying nothing but truth alone. The site sees ONG similar to the phrase ‘I put that on God.’

Hashtag ONG on TikTok Explained

As mentioned in the start, if you look for hashtag ONG on TikTok, you will find that the hashtag is spreading like wildfire. There are numerous videos under hashtag ONG on TikTok and the total video views count stands at 50.9 million. There are several videos under this hashtag so it is hard to find out who started the use of this hashtag in the first place.

The videos uploaded on TikTok using this hashtag has a similar meaning to ‘I swear to God.’ On February 21, a TikTok star by the name Jayde uploaded a video on her TikTok page using this hashtag. In the video, she is asked what is her sing sign. She replies ‘Taurus.’ She is being serious with her answer.


lmfaooo ##ong ##fyp ##foryou ##funny ##broomchallenge

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