How much do you know about the social media slang, poggers? When can you use it, under what circumstances? Is it a good thing or bad? Here is the total explanation of one of the widely used social media slangs called ‘poggers.’

 It would be a complete opposite of “nonsense” to say that social media has revolutionized our way of life. I mean, there’s a different country within social networking sites. People have their groups, their own languages, culture, trends, and blah blah. So what doesn’t make it a country? 

It is right. Social media is a different world to the one we are living in. That’s what virtuality is all about, isn’t it? No wonder, social networking sites are getting a lot of attention from intrigued users what is basically a synonym for teenagers. 

However, slangs and trends are the most interesting aspects of social media, for sure. Every day a different word gets formed and you are left in ruins with no idea what that means. Did you ever? If you did, you have probably had a hard time catching up with social media influencers. 

But what were are going to talk about is “poggers.” You may have heard this term if you follow the game streamers. People use it mostly in the game chat rooms. And if you have ever wondered what it meant, here is the solution to your problem. 

What do you mean by “Poggers” emote?

Poggers is a compliment if we put it that way. It is mostly used on the streaming network, Twitch. It basically is an emote which consists of a frog who looks at excitement. It is the smirking face of an excited frog. The emote is called  Pepe The Frog. 

The emoticon originated form Twitch. However, it has further history if we dig deep enough. The emoticon is widely used in the gaming chat rooms. It is a symbol of an appreciation towards the streamer. They copy and paste it in most of the chatrooms.

The emote consists of an excited frog and you use that emote when you are excited about something that the person you are talking with is doing. It signifies a good compliment that the stream was good or exciting on Twitch. 

What is an emote?

You came to know that “Poggers” is an emote, but do you know what an emote is? An emote is basically a cartoon version of emotions. It is a cartoon that portrays a character who is upholding a specific emotion. 

An emote is something like a comic book character, but vaguer and less cool than it. 

From where did “poggers” originate from?

Surface said it was originated from the streaming site, Twitch. But the use of Pepe the Frog dates way back. The smirking frog is a comic book character that symbolized a racist interpretation. 

Hence, the emote is also described as a racist approach by many people. Some of them also want it to be banned from Twitch. It is because it may be a little offensive to the black people as Pepe the Frog was closely associated with the racist group, Anti-black Propaganda. 

However, many people don’t know this history. So they use it anyway on Twitch. Twitch enables users to create their own emoticons and hence, it could be a coincidence that the users created such emote that has a little history. 

However, it doesn’t seem to be affecting anyone on the social networking site though. Most of the Twitch users are teenagers and they seem to like the word, poggers. And they probably don’t want to bore themselves with the racism associated history it has got. 

Whatsoever, the emote is pretty cool and fun to use. 



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