What does ratio mean on TikTok? Ratio slang and meme on social media explained

What does the latest TikTok slang, ratio mean? The meaning and the origin of the slang explained!

Social media slangs are kind of a way of online life. They have been there since the development of social media. At this point, the knowledge of slang defines your hierarchy in the virtual world. 

With the introduction of constantly growing platforms like TikTok and Instagram, it has become quite a tough job to keep up with internet slang. And one of the recent slang is “ratio.” Here is the meaning behind the slang. 

What Does Ratio Mean on TikTok?

The Ratio on Tiktok is an automated algorithm. It checks the ratio between the number of views and the number of likes in a post. And hence, determines whether or not to make it appear in global space. 

And if the ratio is more than 1:10, TikTok makes the content readily available for a larger number of viewers. This is why a trending video is circulated faster on TikTok rather than normal content. 

Ratio Slang on social media: Instagram and Twitter

The Ratio slang has been used on other platforms like Instagram and Twitter as well. Actually, it was made by Twitter users. However, it is very much adapted to TikTok and Instagram.

The word “ratio” is used on Twitter when the tweet gets more quote tweets than likes and retweets. In the nutshell, it is not a good look for a social media influencer. 

What do you mean by getting ratioed?

Getting ratioed means having more comments in your post than likes. You can take it as soft social media bullying. It is definitely not good for your social media image. 

Even Urban Dictionary describes “ratio” as an algorithm used by social networking sites by which the accessibility of posts is determined. The more the view-to-like ratio, the greater the chance to get your content viral. 




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