What Does Red Led Lights Mean On TikTok? Red Led Lights Meaning Explained

What Does red light mean on Tik Tok? I am here to tell you guys about it all. What is the red light’s meaning on Tik TokTik…why would one use red lights and everything related to red lights on Tik Tok. Tok’s latest trend is using red-colored LED lights and making a video in there.

There are different types of videos made with red light but the most popular ones are lip sync videos that Tik Tok has been mostly known for. It’s not a part of any challenge- to use red light but it is a random rend people are doing on Tik Tok.

What Does Red Lights Mean On Tik Tok?

The red color is used to represent many things in visual arts. In Tik Tok, generally, usage of red color means signifying sexiness and sometimes it means nothing at all. It just looks cool and visually pleasing sometimes and that’s good of a reason as any.


red lights😳 ##indoor ##fyp ##foryou ##trend ##heart

♬ King’s Dead – Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future & James Blake

There are people commenting on this Tik Tok video that the red video made them feel extra thoty. “Thot” is a term used by young people when people have a sexual appetite.

So, in this sense, people associate red color in Tik Tok videos as something sexy.

Red Lights Meaning Explained

Red lights mean different things on Tik Tok but predominantly, it means sexiness and boldness. That’s what color red has always been associated with. Passion, desire, sensuality are just some emotions described by the color red.

One could also argue that color red signifies, blood, violence, murder, and stuffs like that and that’s not wrong either.  It’s just the context in which color has been used that defines the meaning of using the color red.

As far as I am aware, Tik Tokers are not Francis Bacon where they are contemplating the usage of the color red in different terms. They are just making videos with red LEDs because it looks cool and yes, there are no other reasons and deep meaning behind it.


Red Lights do be setting the mood🤷🏾‍♂️ ##fyp ##MakeTheLeap vc: @x.elipee (definitely our the comfort zone)

♬ Over it Chinese New Year Remix by JohhnyG – kingvader

As seen in this Tik Tok video, there are different colored lights flooding the room before and the mood is just plain. But when the red light comes on, the sound just changes and the person starts making facial expression hinting on the cool vibe established.

The caption of the video also says that red lights set the mood perfectly. So, the meaning of using red lights here is pretty simple. It just sets the mood perfectly and it looks cool. Beyond that, the meaning is that red lights sometimes signify passion or sensual mood on Tik Tok videos.

How To Make Your Own Tik Tok Videos With Red Lights?

If you want to make videos just like the ones I showed you above, all you have to do is buy a LED strip light and you will be totally set. You can get different colored lights on Amazon or in any store.

Some LED lights have the color-changing ability already programmed in it, some lights can be controlled by remote and some are constantly similar in how it looks. You can buy whatever kinds of light you like.

However, make sure you use the strip light because it’s practical and can be attached to a wall or any other surfaces.

You can look at this wonderful video which gives you a detailed tutorial to set your room with LED lights all over. Using resources from online, make sure you set up the lights first.

After setting up the light, all you have to do is make a video and post it and let the “color red” work its magic.


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