What Does Snowflake Emoji Mean On TikTok and Snapchat?

The Snowflake emoji is really popular on Snapchat and On TikTok. Users of the social media platforms are using it in viral videos. The emoji has a lot of meanings and can be used in a variety of ways. 

The snowflake emoji seems simple enough but can signal many things including calling out people who get easily offended. Read all about the emoji and its uses below. 

What Does Snowflake Emoji Mean On TikTok and Snapchat?

Users of Snapchat get this emoji added to their Snapchat 🏆 Trophy, after they send someone s snap with below freezing filter. 

Similarly, many Snapchat users also text the emoji in their snaps when it is winter, snowing, or both. Some snappers, especially in Japan use this emoji in combination with other Japanese punctuations and characters like ( ❅࿉❅)!. 

As a matter of fact, this type of emoji combinations is extremely popular in Japan in the winter. They also use emojis like (╯^□^)╯︵ ❄☃❄, to show a person playing in the snow.

TikTok’s Meaning Of The Snowflake Emoji

TikTokers use the emoji in a slightly different way to Snapchat users. TikTok doesn’t award users with a snowflake emoji if they use any filter. In a similar fashion, the TikTokers apply the emoji to their videos in a slightly different way. 



♬ Xmas Remix – Remix

Many TikTokers use the emoticon on videos of winter and snow along with some TikToks in which they have to make a statement. However, snowflakes are primarily used on TikToks made in the snowy and chilly weather.

Some creators have also used it to show the sensitive nature of someone they are feuding with. This video by red_c.ardinals is a perfect example of the use of the emoji in a feud. 


##duet with @freedom09282020 Seems as if you’re the ONLY ONE offended. ##xyzbca ##mugshotchallenge ##snowflake ❄️ ##levelup ##DecadesofHair ##fyp

♬ original sound – freedom09282020

She is targeting user freedom09282020 and calling her out in the video and calling her a snowflake. 

Other Uses Of The Snow Flake Emoji

In addition to the uses above, people use this emoji around Christmas time as snow is a staple of Christmas. For most people, Christmas time signifies snow and playing with snowmen. This emoji is used to express all those emotions. 

There are endless combinations that can be made with the emoji like the “​🌨​☃️️​❄️​👨‍👩‍👦‍👦​” which means playing in the show with family. 

Similarly, the “​🧣​🥽​❄️​☃️​” combo is commonly used by people on posts of snowboarding trips or while they are snowboarding. 

One of the less known uses of the snowflake emoji as per the Sun, is by drug dealers who want to shift cocaine. 

What Does It Mean When A Person Is Called A Snowflake? 

There are two ways that a person can be called a snowflake. The first one is a positive adjective and it means that someone is unique. It comes from the fact that no snowflake is the same. 

Snowflakes are each unique, literally, no two snowflakes are the exact same that is why one of the meanings of the snowflake is a unique person. 

Similarly, another use of snowflakes is someone who is overly and irrationally sensitive. it is particularly used for people who get offended easily on the internet. 

As per an article by The Sun, today’s university students who get easily offended by even the smallest of jokes that have the punchline on their beliefs. 

The term is derived from “special snowflake”, who is a person so self-obsessed with themselves that they become fragile and unable to deal with the criticism. 

This word has become so popular among young people and internet users that it was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in January 2018.

As of 2020, it is used mostly as an insult to those who cannot stand criticism and feel entitled to special treatment everywhere.


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