TikTok is one of the most downloaded and famous TikTok platforms. It is updated regularly and there is always something exciting for the users. There are thousands of new trends, challenges, and creations every day.

Many youths are attracted to new trends. They are not only interesting but also helps in generating audiences. Most of the famous TikTok influencers start these trends and challenges. Later on, it is followed but the least famous users. Every now and then these trends change. Recently, the trend of fairy emoji is popular.

What do fairy emoji mean?

For now, one of the famous trends is using fairy emojis. The fairy emojis are definitely very beautiful. It gives a kind of imaginary feeling. But it has a lot of meanings. As per the urban dictionary, one of its meanings represents homosexuality. The one who is attracted to same-gender uses this to indicate their sexuality. It easily tells people about the user’s identity.

The other one is used for bullying. Cyberbullying is not a new thing. Previously, it happened on various social media platforms. However, now it is blooming in the TikTok platform. Until now, there was no such bullying trend on it. But now this simple emoji is used to spread hate and negativity with a touch of funniness.

The fairy emoji is used by many users. Moreover, it also has become a trend. The fairy emoji in comments represents roasting, mocking, and teasing someone. The fairy represents a shy and magical creature. However, on TikTok the comments with it mean bullying. It definitely adds a funny and sarcastic tone. But is comes under bullying. By now, the #fairyemoji trend has gained over 255.5 K views and up to twenty users have made videos with it. Thus, this trend is definitely not worth it and has to be stopped soon.


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