What Does Two Fingers On Arm Mean? Two Finger On Arm Meaning Explained

TikTok videos are flooding with the Two Fingers on Arm trend. What Do Two Fingers On Arm Mean? Here’s the trend explained!

TikTok trends can be very tricky to deduce, especially when there is the involvement of bizarre gestures that have no meaning of their own. However, social media influencers do come up with new gestures and slang that get confusing to other people. 

And recently, the Two Fingers on Arm trend is taking over on TikTok and people are really having a hard time figuring out what that means. But no worries now. Here, we have explained the meaning behind the Two Fingers on Arm TikTok gesture. 

What Do Two Fingers On Arm Mean on TikTok?

Two Fingers On Arm is a TikTok trend that is getting viral on the video networking site with hundreds of videos made on the trend. 

The trend is pretty simple though. It generally comprises two clips, the first one having a certain statement or a random description. However, in the second clip, there is a reveal regarding the earlier statement. 

Users put two fingers on the arm during the reveal in the second clip. It means that they are telling the truth. 


idk why it’s just so hard to beat them when they do that #fyp #viral #relatable #siblings

♬ Hayloft – Mother Mother

Two Fingers On Arm Gesture Meaning Explained

The trend is all about the gesture of putting two fingers on the arm. It looks like you are taking the pulse. 

Hence, the significance of the trend is being honest. The mimicry of taking the pulse states that the person is telling the truth and being completely honest with whatever they are saying. 


Mary was a G #christian #religion #virgin #itstartedwithahey

♬ original sound

Two Finger On Arm Meaning on Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary, unfortunately,  is yet to update the meaning behind the gesture. 

But it is the gesture of revealing the true self about yourself, as per several trend hunting sites. Whatsoever, the trend is blooming on TikTok with thousands of people participating on it. Some videos are surprisingly unconventional and anti-social while most of them are funny. 


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