What happened to Brian Histand? Autopsy And Case Update

Brian Histand was missing and later found dead in Phoenix, Arizona. Please get to know about his mother and Wikipedia. 

On May 15, 2013, a BMX biker disappeared from Phoenix, Arizona, never to be seen again. However, the investigators searched him for two years until they found his remains in 2015. His body was officially recognized in January 2016. 

However, the cause of his death remains under review to date. It was deemed to be the natural cause as there was no evidence of foul play. The nurse, Tricia Todd, who did his autopsy, was also killed in 2016. However, it seems to be an entirely different case. 

Brian Histand Mother: Everything about his parents

Brian Histand’s mother is Tracey Histand. She was devastated following her son’s death that she didn’t give any interviews regarding him. 

However, his father, Michael, did tell the police a little about Brian. The BMX biker didn’t prefer to wear a helmet and suffered from several head injuries before. But the victim was never psychologically diagnosed. 

Speaking of his family, he also had a younger sister, Laura. 

Brian Histand Wikipedia And Bio

No, Brian Histand is not featured on a Wikipedia page yet. However, his case did make it to newspapers all around the country. 

Moreover, he was born in November 1987. Histand was a University graduate who had a science degree in Business. Passionate for sports like football, basketball, and baseball, Brian was very adventurous. So, he decided to become a BMX rider. 

Originally from Pennsylvania, he moved to Phoenix, Arizona, in 2012, a year before his disappearance. 

What happened to Histand? Case Update

Brian Histand disappeared in Phoneix in 2013. He was last seen in Maricopa County, Arizona. 

Prior to his disappearance, he was spotted walking in a park naked by a police officer. However, he turned the officer away, and in the afternoon, he disappeared, never to be found again. His remains were discovered in 2015. 


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