What Happened To Marty Coniglio? Where Is He Going? Know Everything

Marty Coniglio is an LLC meteorologist who was working as the weatherman in Denver at 9News until recently he was fired for his tweets regarding the police force.

Despite, taking out the tweet after realizing his mistake, the tweet reached officials’ eyes and ears. His departure was announced by the president and general manager of 9 News, Mark Cornetta.

What happened to Marty Coniglio and where is he going now? Know everything about the weather specialist and public speaker, Marty Coniglio.

Quick Facts: What Happened To Marty Coniglio? Where Is He Going? Know Everything

Name Marty Coniglio
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Weatherman
Married/Single Married
Wife Julie Coniglio
Education University of Nebraska (Meterology)
Instagram martyeconiglio

10 Facts On Marty Coniglio

  1. What Happened to Marty Coniglio of 9News? Marty Coniglio, the weatherman who was working as the weatherman for 9News was fired after his tweet surfaced over social media in which he compared the local federal troops to NAZIs
  2. Where is he going now? It is still unknown where Marty Coniglio is heading after his departure. However, it would be awesome to see the weatherman makes his return.
  3. Mart Coniglio’s official date of birth is not disclosed but his age seems to be around 50 years old. However, it is confirmed that the weatherman has American nationality.
  4. Speaking of the wife, Marty Coniglio is married to Julie Coniglio since 1989. It is unknown where his wedding took place and how amazing it was for the weatherman.
  5. Since 2007, the couple has been living in Arvada, Colorado. It is a surprise that Marty Coniglio does not have children considering he has been married to Julie for over 3 decades.
  6. Unfortunately, we cannot find a Wikipedia page for Marty Coniglio. It is known that he received his bachelor’s degree in Meteorology from the University of Nebraska-London.
  7. Marty Coniglio’s salary and net worth throughout his career are not disclosed. Looking over his career, he could be swimming in over million dollars.
  8. Marty Coniglio’s Twitter handles ‘martyconiglio‘ does not exist now. Perhaps his account was suspended after the NAZI tweet or he may have taken the account down himself.
  9. Over his professional career as a weathercaster, he has received many awards and titles including “Best Weathercaster in Denver” Denver Post (2000), Westword Magazine (1993, 1999, 2000, 2002), and Heartland Regional Emmy award for Best Weathercaster (2007, 2008).
  10. He is a skilled individual as he is good in graphic arts, writing, editing, marketing as well as data management.


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