Andre Abdoune is a billionaire with a staggering net worth. In fact, he just bought the world’s largest canvas.

Sacha Jafri painted the Journey of Humanity during the lockdown in Dubai. He was awarded the Guinness World Records for the largest canvas painting, and recently, Sacha sold it completely to a businessman named Andre Abdoune.

Even though Sacha wanted to sell the painting of 17,176 square feet piece by piece, Andre bought the entire masterpiece on his own. The Daily Mail reports that Sacha sold the painting for approximately $62 million. That’s double the amount he had targeted.

Andre Abdoune Net Worth

Andre Abdoune’s net worth in 2021 is yet to be updated. He may publish his official details as soon as the end of this year.

Being a businessman, it’s true that Andre has a net worth equivalent to millions. Well-known as a Cryptocurrency Entrepreneur, he has been earning quite well.

After buying the painting for such a huge sum, it’s revealed that the artist, Sacha, is considered to be the fourth most expensive living artist.

Andre Abdoune Crypto Earnings And Salary Explored

Andre Abdoune has not revealed his crypto earnings yet. However, we know that he is working as the CEO of Altius Gestion International Holding, a crypto-currency business.

Since Andre Abdoune himself is the company’s CEO, it’s clear that he doesn’t get a salary. However, we can confirm that anyone working in this company is well paid.

Andre Abdoune Wife: Is He Married?

Well, Andre Abdoune has not spoken about his wife until now. Also, he has not revealed his marital status until today.

In fact, there’s nothing to know about Abdoune’s family life. All we can say about his family members is that they are very supportive of him. Hopefully, Andre will reveal all of such missing information very soon.

Moving on, Andre is of French nationality. However, he currently resides in Dubai, UAE. If you are willing to read his bio, you can visit his LinkedIn profile.

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