Ever heard of ‘Do not call me handsome if you are not going to give me that Badunkadonk’? If you have heard it and you do not know what it really means, you are at the right place as this article will provide you the in-depth knowledge about this trending term used on TikTok.

Some of the TikTok trends are very unusual while some of them are very funny. Talking about this TikTok trend, it’s a mixture of both as some people find it really funny while some find it really unusual. 

What Is ‘Do Not Call Me Handsome’? Meaning Explained:

Basically, ‘Do not call be handsome’ is a new TikTok term used by mostly male TikTok users. If you go to the general meaning of the phrase, it simply means not to call someone handsome. 


I’m grounded for weeks now… ##dad ##donotcallmehandsome ##badonkadonk

♬ original sound – r i s a

However, the phrase is not complete as the full sentence goes somewhat – ‘Do not call be handsome if you are not going to give me that Badunkadonk’. To know what the full sentence means, you need to learn what Badunkadonk means which we will be discussing below.

Badunkadonk’s Meaning: What Do You Mean By Badunkadonk?

According to Urban Dictionary, Badunkadonk simply means a black woman’s butt. However, the meaning of Badunkadonk has utterly changed, as these days, people call Badunkadonk to those girls who have extremely curved buttocks. 

As you know the meaning of Badunkadonk, you can now guess what the above sentence really means to say. If you have been making TikTok videos, then this can be a new idea you can implement. 


##fyp ##foryoupage ##badonkadonk

♬ original sound – Jordan Scott

TikTok Trend: Do Not Call Me Handsome TikTok Song:

Talking more about the TikTok trend, you can make the video in two different ways. The first method is to play the song (audio) called Do Not Call Me Handsome and just act different to record a video.

The other method is even simpler! Just speak out this sentence yourself – ‘Do not call be handsome if you are not going to give me that Badunkadonk’. That’s it and do try to look cool. 

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