What is Kekma.ga? Kekma.ga Meaning, Is It Safe To Open The Link?

Have guys come across the word ‘kekma’ or received the link through your friends and wondered what is Kekma.ga? Or you may be wondering is it safe to open the link? Here is a piece of advice for you. Don’t open that link and don’t visit the website, especially if you are at work or near any children.

It is not safe and opening that site is not worth it, as it might scar you for life. In a more detailed version, keep on reading below to know everything about this site and why you should not open this link.

What is Kekma.ga?

Kekma.ga is a shock site, which is a website intended to offend or be disturbing to the viewers who open it. People find the shock sites as a type of humor by sending links of a shock site to innocent people. When the receiver opens it, he/she gets shocked and offended by what they see. The content of the shock site may range from scary, racist, pornographic, violent, vulgar, profane to insulting. 

Kekma.ga displays NSFL content which is being used by several attackers across the Reddit users and Discord servers. It was originally created on 23rd April 2019 by ObokTheSecond. It gained real popularity during the year 2019 because it was spread all over the social media by a Reddit user who happens to be the friend of the creator.

But recently, since July 2020, the number of viewers to the site is increasing significantly and the reason for that is the meme communities.

A Facebook user created a meme saying that “Don’t google Kekma.ga pls”. With no other specifications about the site, people are doomed to search it on google naturally as they become curious.

This caused more users in all social media platforms like Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, etc. to say not to open it and not to google it thus creating a chain effect in the society.

What happens when you open Kekma.ga?


We visited this viral website to give you clear information on why you should not open it.

First of all, when you open the site, a warning message appears that asks you to confirm that you are 18 years old or higher by clicking on ‘enter’. Now there is no going back.

You will see an explicit and gore content in the center in which a man is squatting in the tub of blood trying to forcefully enter a screw inside his urethra. It seems as if he took the phrase “screw yourself” pretty seriously.

Another disturbing content in this site is that in the background, a flashing picture like GIF appears in which a dog is hanged up by his paws and being skinned.

Along with such offensive and gory NSFL view, there is a very disturbing high pitched sound in the background which feels like an ear rape and is a loud scream of a person.

When to try to close the website after being shocked and disgusted by its gory and noisy content, the website asks you to confirm before you leave the site. This makes it take even longer time to close the site. 

Is it safe to open this site?

Now that I have already mentioned what happens when you open the site, I do not think it is safe for anyone to open it. If you suffer from hemophobia and cannot tolerate animal cruelty then you should definitely refrain yourself from opening this site.

Even for those people who think that they can handle it, why would you like to scar your memory with such gruesome content?

And just imagine if you are in a silent class where the teacher is teaching and you open it carelessly, or imagine you are in your office doing work then you open the site in front of your colleagues. As I said already, you cannot even exit the site as soon as possible as it requires to keep confirming before leaving the site. These situations would be very embarrassing for you and can even cost you your job.

I would definitely not recommend anyone to open Kekma.ga site.


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