Liam Payne needs no introduction. The English singer and songwriter was a member of One Direction, which was unarguably one of the biggest boybands in world history. They headlined some of the highest-grossing tours of all time. The band also made history as the first and only group to have their first four albums debut atop the Billboard 200 charts. 1D sadly disbanded in 2015 but Payne is forging ahead with his solo career. Discover more about Liam Payne below, including details of his age, height, and net worth.

How Old is Liam Payne?

Liam James Payne was born on the 29th of August 1993 in Wolverhampton, England. His father’s name is Geoff while his mother’s name is Karen. The singer also has two older sisters namely Nicola and Ruth. Payne was born three weeks premature and was often ill for the first four years of his life. The young boy, however, did not allow his circumstances to dampen his zest for life. He got involved in various sporting activities including cross country and boxing.

He also dabbled into showbiz at the age of 12. By the age of 14, Liam Payne auditioned for X-Factor. He made it as far as the judges’ house but was eliminated. The young man did not despair but auditioned again two years later. This time around, the judges decided that he would fare better in a group. They paired him up with four other contestants and this marked the humble beginnings of One Direction.

His One Direction Career and Rise to Fame

One direction dropped their debut single, What Makes You Beautiful, in September 2011. The song was a monster hit and topped the charts in several countries around the world. Following this stellar debut, Payne and his bandmates went on to drop a total of five albums namely Up All Night (2011), Take Me Home (2012), Midnight Memories (2013), Four (2014), and Made In The A.M. (2015). The first four all debuted atop the Billboard 200 charts while the fifth one reached number two on the charts. One Direction also embarked on several sold-out world tours including 2014 Where We Are Tour, which generated $290 million.

The tour was the highest-grossing tour of 2014 and the 15th highest-grossing tour of all time. Payne and his bandmates also won numerous awards during their five-year run. They subsequently announced an indefinite hiatus in November 2015. Liam Payne has since revealed that he is grateful for the hiatus as staying in the band would have killed him. According to the singer, he was in a self-destruct mood during his 1D days. He would perform shows, get horrendously drunk, pass out, wake up, and repeat the pattern all over again.

What is Liam Payne’s Net Worth?

Liam Payne’s net worth is estimated at millions of pounds and this ostensibly stems from his One Direction career. The band earned a staggering amount during their active days and even though they are now on a hiatus, they still earned £2.1 million in 2018 alone. Another veritable source of Liam Payne’s net worth is his thriving solo career. He has written songs and produced records for several artists including Cheryl. He has also dropped several solo singles including Strip That Down, Stack It Up, For You, Polaroid, Get Low, and Bedroom Floor.

The Wolverhampton native is also set to drop his eponymous debut solo album, LP, in December 2019. Liam Payne’s net worth now stands at £42 million and this makes him 6th on the list of the wealthiest young musicians in Britain in 2019. Others on the list are Louis Tomlinson – £44million, Little Mix – £45 million, Niall Horan – £49 million, Harry Styles – £58 million and Ed Sheeran – £160 million.

Liam Payne’s Height

The singer/songwriter is 6 feet 0.75 inches tall (1.85m) and his weight is given as 73kg or 161lbs. His hair color is light brown while his eye color is also light brown. Payne is the tallest One Direction member. The 2nd tallest is Harry Styles. Styles is 5 feet 9.5 inches tall (1.76m) and his weight is given as 74kg or 163lbs. The 3rd tallest is Zayn Malik. Malik is 5 feet 9 inches tall (1.75m) and his weight is given as 66kg or 145 ½ lbs. The 4th tallest 1D member is Niall Horan. He is 5 feet 8 inches tall (1.73m) and his weight is given as 73kg or 161lbs. The shortest 1D Member is Louis Tomlinson. He is 5 feet 7 ¾ inches tall (1.72m) and his weight is listed as 68kg or 150lbs.

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