What Is Moving Blue Line Filter TikTok? How To Get This Filter On Instagram?

Blue Line Filter is the new filter that everyone is using in TikTok and Instagram lately. This new filter is quickly being fan-favorite because I have just been seeing this more and more every time I use Instagram or TikTok.

I have to say this filter is available on TikTok and that’s why it is more famous on TikTok rather than on Instagram. However, people have posted videos using this filter on Instagram as well. However, the videos posted on Instagram are those videos that were shot in TikTok and then downloaded to be finally uploaded on Instagram.

Also known as the Time Wrap Scan filter, this filter scans the video you are taking and wraps the timeframe of it. In simpler terms, if you were to move while this filter is scanning, it will create a new frame and that would show where precisely you moved. 


##timewrapscan 😂

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This is what I was talking about. As the man moved from the scene as the blue line approached him, the filter just saved the video of a hand alone. It happened so because the filter filmed small clips of his hand as he moved in the direction of the line.

What Is Moving Blue Line Filter TikTok?

Moving Blue Line filter is one of the most used TikTok filters lately. It features a blue line that moves from left to right or from up to down. As the line moves, if you move alongside the line, it will record a smaller clip in real-time and detect that movement. 


##duet with @manuu_affonso this took me ages to get right 🥺 ##timewarpscan ##fyp

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It allows you to film yourselves levitating a jar like you can see here. Many people are using this filter to make innovative videos on TikTok. A lady has made a video of herself biting her fingers which is so cool.


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♬ original sound – Moonpie

Moving Blue Line Filter TikTok Aka Time Wrap Scan Filter.


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You can see this video to understand this filter the best. As she moves her eyebrows as the line progresses, the filter detects those movements and shows it in the video. Using this trend people have lengthened their face, made it smaller, and did a hundred different things.

It is also known as the Time Wrap Scan Filter. Some people have said it’s a time warp scan filter and both of these hashtags have been popular right now. Time Wrap Scan filter is the technical and official name of the filter whereas generally, people call it a blue line filter.

There are some other filters that do the same thing but have yellow or red lines. However, the end result will be the same. People really love this filter because it has been used creatively so many times and one can make hundreds of different funny videos using this filter.

How To Get Moving Blue Line Filter On Instagram?

Moving Blue Line filter is not available on Instagram. It’s a native filter of TikTok and that’s why it’s more popular within TikTok. However, if you wish to upload videos using this filter on Instagram, you must make a TikTok video first.

After making a video in TikTok, download that video and you will be able to upload that video on Instagram.

Let me teach you how to get this filter on TikTok:

  1. Open TikTok app in your phone.
  2. Go o the Search bar and type “Time Wrap Scan Filter”.
  3. You will see hundreds of videos that have used the blue moving line filter. Click on anyone.
  4. There will be an option to try out the filter for yourself.
  5. Film the video and post it in your Tiktok account. However, if you want to post it to Instagram, download it. Later on, upload the same video on Instagram.


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