What is Operation Pridefall 4Chan 2020? Is It Real?

Operation Prodefall is a threat sent by an anonymous online homophobe group that has been threatening to cyber-attack people of the LGBTQ Community. The operation was disclosed by the possible attackers on 4chan.

4Chan is an online posting forum that has been a hub for white supremacists and alt-right ideologists. Let’s get to know more about this horrific sounding event here today.

What Is An Operation Pridefall 2020?

Operation Prodefall is a name given to a blatant homophobic attack which will be conducted in the month of June- the pride month. It sounds like a military mission and very decorative but actually its just a bunch of sad trolls who are trying to spread hate online.

It’s not clear when this is going to happen but there are rumors that it will happen somewhere in June which is the pride month. Pride parades are going to be canceled this year unfortunately due to the coronavirus situation we have.

What is operation pride fall from r/lgbt

Some sort of celebration through online platforms is surely going to happen. In the wake of Pride month, the haters and homophobes are trying to cyberbully the LGBTQ Community but we have yet to see if they are competent at all.

What Is Going To Happen On June 1?

Normally, every year, June 1 is the beginning of the June month which is known as Pride month. Most countries where gay culture is accepted and welcomed get painted with rainbows and even companies cater to gay community and the celebrations, marches, dances happen everywhere.

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing is to be maintained and that means pride events are going to be canceled. Because of this, pride events are going to happen on online platforms that’s for sure.

It is more probable that gay people are going to have more online presence this month than other months. So, people on 4chan have threatened the LGBTQ community to attack them on the Internet.

This might mean hacking their social media accounts, send violent and outrageous contents to you and such. Apparently, some of these attackers have even threatened to send rape videos to the LGBTQ community which really is distressing.

How Can You Protect Yourself?

If you are a gay person, make sure that your social media accounts are safe and protected. If you share posts supporting homosexuality and are an activist, there is more probability of you being targeted by these hooligans.

Create strong passwords on your email and any other kind of site where you need to log in. Avoid opening links sent to you by anonymous people and make sure that strangers can’t DM on you on Instagram.

These attacks can be done to accounts that have gay friends. If you are an LGBTQ ally, there is a possibility that you will be targeted. So, you will have to be safe in the situation, and don’t let this stupid threat bar you from celebrating pride month.

What Really Might Happen?

Are you scared? You don’t have to be. Be careful but don’t be scared because the LGBTQ community has gone through a lot more terrible things than bunch of faceless cowards behind a computer with their Cheetos dusted fingernails.

I myself think that these haters won’t be all successful at attacking a lot of people because people are smart and taking precautions. However, I can’t stress how much necessary it is to secure your social media accounts online and be careful of possible attacks

Furthermore, more people must be aware of this and the message should be spread more. To quote Michelle Obama, “If they go low, we go high”. So, we all must be united against this sort of activity that induces hatred.


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