What is the coconut oil trend on TikTok? Well, TikTok users are now very much into the coconut oil video which got viral after Jay Alvarrez posted a video of him being intimate with Sveta Bilyalova, a Russian model. So, in this article, we will discuss what is the coconut oil video and why is it trending.

What Is The Coconut Oil Trend On TikTok? 

Jumping straight into the main topic, the coconut oil trend is not a new challenge on TikTok but it is a video that went viral. So, if you are wondering to try it then, this might be quite stupid. The video initially went viral when Logan Paul and Mike Majlak talked about it in their podcast. 

The video is adult content and it shows the popular Instagrammer Jay Alvarrez being intimate with Sveta Bilyaloa like we mentioned earlier. The major reason it went viral is that Jay Alvarrez poured coconut oil in a kettle before pouring it on Sveta. People have really been confused about it and have shown their own reactions to TikTok. 

Jay Alvarrez Video Explained:

Well, the action Jay Alvarrez did on the video is quite confusing to explain and we do not really know what was the main reason Jay Alvarrez poured coconut oil in the kettle. This has not just confused us but the entire world. 


that video…. sheeeeshhh. HOT✨ #coconutoil #jayalvarrez #iykyk

♬ original sound – xxtristanxo

But, everyone probably knows why he poured coconut oil on Sveta Bilyalova. So, let’s not talk about it here! The video has been viral all over the world and many TikTok users have posted their reactions like the user above. 

Instagrammer Jay Alvarrez Coconut Oil Trend On Tiktok’s origin:

Like we mentioned earlier, the origin of the trend started when Logan Paul along with Mike Majlak had spoken about it on their podcast. According to them, this video was forwarded to them via a fan on Instagram. 

If you haven’t watched it, the video might not be actually available right now. However, you can discover a lot of people’s reaction on the video and this will surely make you curious to know that the video is actually about. 

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