Period Challenge is a new goofy trend that girls on the internet are taking part in. Most popular on Instagram and TikTok, hundreds of girls posed for the period challenge and it looks as if this challenge is only going to be bigger.

The challenge started on Instagram but quickly made it’s way on Twitter as well. The challenge is sort of empowering as well because it is about women showing off their bodies and being more comfortable with how they look.

Most of the posts are pictures rather than the videos. That is why the trend has been more famous on Instagram and Twitter. However, there are some videos on TikTok as well that are being filmed. 


##periodchallenge ##bbw ##curvechallenge

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These are the kind of videos women are filming for this challenge. The letters “eriod” appear on the text and then the “P” is the hip of a woman herself. The whole idea is that the “P” can be small or big or whatever the size you have. It is kind of empowering that way.

What Is Period Challenge?

The period challenge is a new trend on the internet where girls are showing off their bodies and spreading the message of body positivity. Some of the videos are a little bit show-offy but there isn’t empowerment without a little show-off.

There are 960.5 thousand views on the videos with a hashtag “#periodchallenge“. It is a relatively new challenge. There are different types of videos women are uploading on TikTok. Some of the videos have used this hashtag but are prank videos.

These kinds of videos are also pretty funny but right now, the challenge is writing the letter “P” with your hip. 


i did better then them. check last post😐 ##periodchallenge

♬ original sound – poppin.cid

This is the trend! And I just have to add that this is one of the most fun and goofy trends but also important in a weird way.

Period Challenge On Instagram

Period Challenge started on Instagram. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the Period Fever has taken over Instagram as well. Period challenge posts are rocking Instagram and Instagram has a bit different vibe than TikTok when it comes to this challenge.

On Tiktok, there are just videos whereas, on Instagram, there are more posts rather than videos.

View this post on Instagram

#PeriodChallenge by @sandrandebelezw

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This is how this challenge is slain. Twitter is also a place where this hashtag is gaining popularity. There are about 3 thousand posts on Instagram with this hashtag which shows how young this challenge is but it’s meaningful still.

How To Do The Period Challenge? Step By Step Guide

If you want to take part in the Period challenge and just post pictures, all you have to do is take a picture of your side profile and make sure to include your butt in the picture. Then, on the editing option, you can add text. Place the letters “eriod” at its place and the challenge is almost finished.

Then upload the picture on Instagram or Twitter and tag your friend as well.


Miss buttabeez is it a ? On the biggest P ##periodchallenge ##fun ##games ##laughter

♬ Just A Lil’ Thick (She Juicy) – Trinidad James

If you want to do the challenge on Tiktok, the method is a bit different. If you are making transition videos, follow this quick guide which will make the process easy for you.

  1. Shoot different pictures with different outfits of your side profile in a way it shows your curve.
  2. Edit those pictures with text and add “eriod” or “eriodt” in an appropriate position.
  3. Use editing applications available on TikTok to make simple transition video. Then, post the video with the hashtag.

This is how you can do the Period Challenge on TikTok and Instagram. Some of the ladies have gone naked almost and done this challenge but it all depends on what your taste is. Do whatever you want but make sure you are real and we all know- “Real is beautiful”.

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