TikTok name logo challenge is yet another innovative trend that is going viral on TikTok and it is really applicable if you want to create your own brand.

TikTok is filled with a myriad of challenges and some of them are really innovative and useful. Not everyone is a digital artist, so if you want to create a logo of your own, you might have to expense a lot of money for that.

But this viral TikTok name logo challenge has made it sound so simple for you to create a logo from your name. Of course, that too requires some creativity and you may require help from some talented TikTok creators, but it is so simple that even you can also make a logo yourself that would be acceptable and would work just fine.

Here is everything you need to know about this “TikTok name logo challenge” and how to do it.

What is the TikTok name Logo Challenge?

The TikTok name logo challenge is a viral challenge that involves people creating a digital logo using the letters from their name and combining them in a creative pattern.

Take a look at the video below to know more clearly about what exactly is this challenge.


Reply to @courtneybates93 hope it doesn’t hurt too bad 💉 Duet the final product! ##namelogochallenge ##namelogo ##logodesign ##fyp ##foryoupage

♬ Make You Mine – PUBLIC

There are over 127.4 million views of the videos under the hashtag #namelogochallenge. Some accept the challenge and showcase their talent by creating a unique and stylish logo from their name while some people request other TikTokers to make a great and creative logo from their name. 

Who started this name logo challenge?

Although the name logo challenge is getting really viral on TikTok this month, a very similar type of challenge called Logo challenge was already popular back in May 2019. It is not clear who started the name logo challenge now on TikTok, but the one who created the previous Logo challenge is @marvinlaqueen.

You can watch the original video below by the creator explaining how to make a logo from the letters of your name. The video is not in English, but it is really cute and you can understand what he says.


COMMENTE TON PRÉNOM, J’attends vos duo avec impatience ! ##pourtoi

♬ LOGO CHALLENGE – marvinlaqueen

You might have noticed that the previous challenge did not have the final digital version of the logo. So yeah the new #namelogochallenge is different from that.

How to do the TikTok name logo challenge?

As you probably have already got the gist of how to do this challenge, it is really simple to do this challenge.

First, you choose a name for your logo. Then write each letter of the name by overlapping onto each of them in a unique pattern such that it forms a shape.

Now many people use a digital software or logo generator where you can write in the same way as in paper through your digital pencil on your phone. The most popular software is the Procreate app which you need to download from the Apple store. You also need an apple pencil for that. Using this method might require you to have great handwriting for a better logo design.

But some people do not use any logo creator. They just simply use photoshop to create the final digital logo after they make a design by making notes on the paper.

You can watch the video compilation below that shows different creators using different methods to convert their names into a stylish logo.

Seriously, do you even have to ask? After successfully creating your logo, you can use it to trademark your own brand and business. Some might be thinking about ideas for a logo required for a business you are intending to start.

Some might use it as a digital signature, especially for popular social media influencers.

Or you might also get a tattoo of your name or of the name of someone you love without actually revealing their name. There are numerous possibilities and even its applicabilities also brings out a new level of creativity.

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