TikTok Showerhead is the new trend that’s been getting a lot of views on the platform. TikTok is one of the most widely used video-sharing platforms in the world and different types of videos and product advertising are one of the types of those videos.

People don’t like seeing ads while they are surfing through videos on any apps. But these product videos on TikTok are short and are amateur made which makes it seem like it’s not an ad at all.

That is why these types of product videos are getting more and more popular. Showerhead videos on TikTok have a similar story. People are making videos about buying showerheads, reviewing it, and also giving ideas about making your shower experience better.


Installed my own Vitamin C shower head filter over the weekend. You can find it on amazon. ##showerhead ##vaitaminc ##waterfilter ##lifehacks

♬ Rain On Me – Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande

Well, who doesn’t need Vitamin C in their hair? All of us actually. There are other videos as well which fall under the DIY life hacks category on Tik Tok.

What Is TikTok Showerhead?

TikTok Showerhead is a trend- not a product. One could think that TikTok rolled out its merchandise and made some showerheads but that’s not the case. Showerheads are one of the most used appliances in any home. So, it’s not that unusual to see videos about showerheads on Tik Tok.


I found the coolest thing! The zenbody shower head! It is awesome and definitely worth it got it from @zenbodys 😆 ##showerhead ##ad ##tiktokthings ##cool

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This was a video posted by @jadensprinz on his TikTok where he was explaining and showing to his viewers what a cool showerhead he bought. Usually, when a new product comes into the market, people want to see what other users have felt using the product.

There was a time when these reviews used to e in newspapers and then the internet and then YouTube and finally one can see reviews in Tik Tok as well.  This particular showerhead has great pressure and also some mechanism to filter out pollutants from your city water.


TikTok made me get it PT 1! @zenbodys ##sponsored ##showermusthaves ##showerhead ##showerproducts ##bathroom ##shower ##lifehacks ##beautytips ##zenbodys

♬ original sound – briannaxliv

It sure sounds like a nice deal. @zenbodys is the store where this showerhead is available and it seems like a transition phase where companies are shifting their attention to marketing in Tik Tok as well. These kinds of sponsored videos on Tik Tok ensure that the videos are widely seen and that’s profitable for both the companies, reviewers, and hopefully also the users who buy the showerhead.

#Showerhead Videos On TikTok

There are a total of 39 million views on videos with hashtag “#showerhead” on TikTok. These videos are all very different. Some of the videos are funny and come under the meme category whereas some feel like Television ads.

However, the review sponsored videos are the most normal kinds of showerhead videos. Companies choose the Tik Tok creators with a huge following and then give them some money to feature the showerhead on their videos.

In a very short and sweet video, creators explain what the showerhead can do and even give a little demonstration of the showerhead.


##duet with @zenbodys SHOWER HEAD CHAIN ##SpaceForceWalk ##fyp ##foryou ##viral ##showerhead

♬ Chinese New Year – SALES

This might be the most popular and the most featured showerhead on Tik Tok and the one thing it’s heavily marketing is the awesome pressure it has and the ability to change settings. Apparently most people suffer from low pressure in the showerheads and this product seems to be the solution.

ZenBody Ionic Filter Showerhead

The most popular showerhead on TikTok is Zenbody’s showerhead with ionic filter property as well. The black and brown colored beads apparently clean the water and that makes sure your skin won’t get irritations.

The website for Zenbody showerhead is filled with positive reviews and FAQs surrounding the showerhead. It comes at a price of $49.99 and that’s after $12 discount from the original price of $61.99.

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