The Wooden Nose Filter on TikTok is the latest effect from the app to go viral.

The Wooden Nose Filter often called the Pinocchio nose filter, has taken over TikTok in recent times, amassing a huge number of creators and fans.

As the name suggests, the trend is a filter that makes the user look like they have a wooden nose. Usually, a wooden nose is an analogy for a liar due to the world-famous story of Pinocchio.

Some creators have used it one themselves while others have used the filter as a satire for politicians and other people who are infamous for lying. One of the main trends using the filter has been the creator deliberately telling a lie while the filter is on.

Wooden Nose Filter on TikTok: Explained

The Wooden Nose filter aka Pinocchio nose filter is a quite simple effect in which the user’s nose will be turned into a wooden nose like that of the beloved children’s book character Pinocchio.

There is also an added feature of the filter that will surely get you excited, the wooden nose will grow when you lie or so it seems, in actuality, you can control if the nose will grow or not by using your thumb.


But how does it know?!? 😱 😱 🤦‍♂️ 😂 😂 ##woodennose ##woodnose ##pinocchio ##lie ##handstandfam ##tiktoksouthafrica ##newfilter

♬ Say So (Instrumental Version) [Originally Performed by Doja Cat] – Elliot Van Coup

It is a bit of TikTok magic that sets this filter apart as users can really make their viewers believe that their nose grows as they lie. Some have even gone so far as to distinguish themselves by making their fans believe that the filter actually comes with a lie detector, it is a light-hearted prank.

Video effects like this are not a new thing and effects that alter the appearance of the nose in the video have been around for quite a while but still, this filter is unique due to the added layer of entertainment it brings with the feature to elongate the nose when “lying”.


##WelcomeWeek ##woodennose ##dadsoftiktok

♬ original sound – jonklaasen

As a matter of fact, the above-mentioned feature is one of the biggest selling points of the effect and the main reason why it has become a global phenomenon. Couples on the platform have also taken to the filter quite seamlessly and play pranks on each other as they make their partner’s nose grow while they tell them that they love them.

Step By Step Guide: How To Get The Wooden Nose Filter?

TikTok has made it really easy to get the wooden nose filter, just follow these steps we have carefully outlined for you by researching sources like HITC and JYPSY.

  1.  First of all, open TikTok on your device and locate the “+” icon in the bottom bar, it should be right there in the middle of the bottom bar in most devices and versions, it is quite hard to miss. Tap on the icon.
  2. After opening the section by tapping “+” look at the lower left side of the screen, there you will see a section labeled “Effects”. Tap on effects and it will open a selection of various filters, go to the Selfies section.
  3. In the selfies section, scroll until you see an animated white face that has a brown wooden nose.
  4. Select the filter by touching it and voila! you have the filter ready, don’t forget to use your thumb to elongate or shorten the nose. 
  5. Record and film your fun with the effect and you can post it to the “#woodennose“.
  6. Optional: Make your viewers believe the nose grows when you lie by hiding the fact that your thumb controls the length of the nose.

Some helpful creators have also made a video on how to get the filter to make it that much easier for the users.

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