Owen Wilson‘s nose has been one of the much-discussed topics on the internet. Obviously, the crooked nose of the celebrated actor which seemed bent in every direction has garnered much attention since he began his acting career. Interestingly, the shape of his nose has never been a hindrance to him achieving an illustrious career that has seen him bag a financial value of over $60 million. Instead, it has made him look more charming and has eventually become his trademark look. How his nose got to be like that has been a question asked by many people. Here, we bring you the details of what really happened to Owen Wilson’s nose and how he got it broken.

What Really Happened to Owen Wilson’s Nose?

Popularly known for his uncanny sense of humor which has more often than not landed him in trouble on and off the screen, Owen Wilson has revealed that it was during his childhood stage that he got his nose broken twice. Although he was reluctant to make such a revelation due to incessant questioning concerning the shape of his nose, he had to open up. Born into the family of Robert Andrew Wilson, an advertising executive and Laura Wilson, a photographer, Owen Wilson is the second of the three sons of his parents.

The mischievous side of his character has always been evident since childhood as he was given an expulsion while still a tenth grader. It happened that during his time at St. Mark’s High School as a student, he stole his teacher’s textbook which he ended up using to cheat in an exam. As a result, he was expelled from school. He later completed his basic education from Thomas Jefferson High School.

Widely recognized as a self-proclaimed trouble maker, perhaps the first clue that comes to mind when looking at Owen Wilson’s nose will no doubt point to the trouble-making side of his character. Well, he has revealed that the two incidents that made his one-time straight nose adopt the recent unique shape occurred while he was in high school. This, then leads us to the question, how did he break his nose? See the details below.

How Did He Break His Nose?

While at St. Mark’s High School, the Shanghai Noon star participated competitively in football games. It was during one of the games that he had a collision which left his nose broken. The second incident that got Owen Wilson’s nose broken could never be guessed wrong – it was a fight. Yes, Owen Wilson was engaged in a fight while in high school and the aftermath was indelible.

One thing that mystifies a lot of people to date is how on earth he has not gotten a nose job, considering the tremendous fortune he has accumulated from his acting works over the years. He has featured in several commercially successful movies like Shanghai Noon, Zoo Lander, Wedding Crashers, Behind Enemy Lines, The Royal Tenenbaums, among many others. His movies have additionally grossed more than $2.25 billion domestically in the United States and Canada, with an average of $75 million per film.

Interestingly, Owen Wilson is the face of a £20 million advertising campaign for Sofology, a specialist sofa retailer, founded by Tyldesley family in North West England. Having landed such a massive advertising gig with his naturally charming and laid-back self, it is a pointer to the fact Owen Wilson’s nose and its unconventional shape doesn’t have a negative effect on his attractiveness rather, it adorns his persona the more.

Is He Going To Get a Nose Job?

Although the eminent actor has been asked to get a nose job by some of his fans, he has confidently stated that his nose wouldn’t have been that spectacular if it hadn’t been broken. That’s to show his level of confidence and self-administration. Since he made that statement in an interview in 2001, he has maintained his stance on the subject and has remained reluctant about getting his nose fixed under the knives.

For the fact that he has been able to establish a thriving career with his charming look regardless of his nose taking on a battered shape, Owen Wilson is far from having a rhinoplasty. And in as much as the discussions concerning Owen Wilson’s nose will continue to make waves on the internet, the multi-award-winning actor will likewise continue to focus more on his career which has earned him the Lone Star Film & Television Award, MTV Movie + TV Award, Oldenburg Film Festival Award, People’s Choice Award, Dubai International Film Festival Award, Independent Spirit Award, among several others.

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