Where Is Julia Vie In 2020? Everything On Ross Ulbricht Ex-Girlfriend

Where Is Julia Vie In 2020? Julia Vie is a famous American model and a photographer. Julia Vie is the ex-girlfriend of Ross Ulbricht. Ross Ulbricht is one of the biggest criminals who worked in the darkest marketplace called Silk Road. Julia Vie and her ex-boyfriend Ross Ulbricht first met back in their college days and a few years later they started dating and eventually back in 2013 he was arrested by police for all the illegal trading.

Quick Facts: Where Is Julia Vie In 2020? Everything On Ross Ulbricht Ex-Girlfriend

Name Julia Vie
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Photographer
Married/Single Single
Education Penn State University
Instagram @viviansmuse

Julia Vie is currently staying in America along with her family. Julia Vie and her ex-boyfriend Ross Ulbricht both of them took their own path. Julia Vie is now focusing on her photography career even though she studied law she followed her passion and started her own photography firm in Texas.

10 Facts on Julia Vie:

  1. Julia Vie was born in the United States of America probably in the 1990s.
  2. His age as of 2020 is around 30 years however she hasn’t revealed the exact date of birth however she looks pretty young and beautiful.
  3. Until now, there is no information about her family and personal life as she has been very secretive about it.
  4. Darknet operator Ross Ulbricht Ex-Girlfriend Julia Vie is now a fully focused photographer who followed her passion for photography and is a very successful one.
  5. Talking about her ethnicity she belongs to a mixed ethnic group however she hasn’t opened up much about it.
  6. Similarly speaking about her dating life Julia and Ross started dating when they were studying at the same college and later when Ross was arrested they finally ended their relationship and moved on their own way.
  7. She has her own Instagram account @vivianmuse where she has more than 8547 followers.
  8. She is available on her own photography website viviansmuse.com where she has kept all her photography content.
  9. Julia has even played a documentary named Silk Road and she pot yard herself in the documentary.
  10. Julia completed her education at Penn State University and she studied law.


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