Who Are Jason Knauf Wife And Family? Know About Meghan Markle Bullying Accusations

Jason Knauf Wife Wikipedia And Family: Know everything about the British Royal Family staff who recently laid accusations on Duchess Meghan Markle. 

Even after cutting ties with the Royal family, the duke and duchess of Sussex are never off the spotlight. Set to welcome their second child soon, however, a former staff has reported a series of bullying accusations against Harry’s wife, Meghan. 

Jason Knauf Wife And Children: Everything on his family

Unfortunately, we do not have any information about Jason Knauf’s wife and children at the moment. 

It is because the royal family staff has kept them off the spotlight. Matter of fact, it has not been long since he has come to the limelight either. Hence, a lot of personal stuff about him is yet to surface. 

Nonetheless, we are keeping tabs on news and updates on him. Hence, this information will be reviewed over time. 

Is Jason Knauf on Wikipedia? 

A recent name to come to light, Jason Knauf is yet to have a Wikipedia biography. 

However, he has got trending overnight due to his accusations over Meghan Markle. The 36-year-old has his articles written all over the world in several famous newspapers and magazines. 

A service of the Royal family for half-a-decade, Jason Knauf’s earnings, and net worth remain under review though. 

Who is Jason Knauf and What did he accuse Meghan Markle of?

Jason Knauf was a communications Secretary for Prince Harry and Meghan of Sussex. He took on his job in 2018. 

Prior to his service to duke and duchess of Sussex, Knauf was a communications secretary for Prince William of Cambridge in 2015. Harry and Meghan hired him after tying the marital knots in 2018. 

As reported by The Times, Jason has accused Meghan of bullying him and other staff. The 36-year-old shared that the duchess undermined him. He even emailed a report to The Times in October 2018. 

Following up on the complaint, the newspaper just published the piece after Knauf sent another one in 2021. 




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