F(x) is a popular South Korean multinational band formed by SM Entertainment. The four-member girl group which counts among the first internationally recognized K-pop bands debuted in 2009 with their digital single titled “La Cha Ta“. The group later released several other chart-topping singles such as “Nu Abo“, “Pinocchio” and “Electric Shock” from albums of the same titles. Their subsequent albums including Pink Tape (2013), Red Light (2014) and 4 Walls (2015) also turned out hits, helping to spread the band’s popularity. Adding to the group’s fame is their unique radically innovative and eclectic music style which mostly derives from electropop. F(x) however, went on a break in 2016 after her members branched out to various individual projects in acting, modeling, and music. Get to know more about them as you read on.

Who are The Members of f(x) and What are They Doing Now?

F(x) originally comprised five members, namely: Victoria, Amber, Luna, Krystal, and Sulli. Sulli however, left the band in 2015. Below is the updated profile and activities of each of the F(x) members.

Victoria Song (Song Qian)

Victoria Song is a multifaceted multiple award-winning Chinese entertainer whose specialties include singing, dancing, acting, modeling, writing and television presenting. She was born as Song Qian on 2nd February 1987 in Qingdao, Shandong, China. Victoria joined Sm Entertainment in 2007 after coming out successful in the agency’s casting audition for the year. After training with SM for about two years, she debuted on f(x), working on the band as a lead rapper, main dancer, vocalist, and visual. She was also the overall leader of the band. Victoria, however, left SM Entertainment in September 2019 after she failed to renew her contract with the agency.

Aside from her group’s projects, Victoria has played numerous recognized roles both in movies and on television including My New Sassy Girl, We Got Married 2, When Love Walked In, Beautiful Secret, Ice Fantasy, A lifetime Love, Moonshine and Valentine, among others. For her acting performances, she has so far received up to twelve film awards. Following f(x) hiatus, she released her debut solo single titled “Roof on Fire” in 2018. She has since progressed in her acting career.

Amber (Amber Josephine Liu)

Amber is a Taiwanese-American singer, songwriter, and rapper. She was born as Amber Josephine Liu on 18th September 1992 in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. Her parents are from Taiwan. Amber joined SM Entertainment in 2008 after she came out successful in the agency’s global audition for that year. After training for about a year, she joined f(x)as a vocalist and main rapper. She also contributed to the lyrics of several of the band’s songs including “Goodbye Summer” from Pink Tape, and “Summer Lover” from Red Light. Amber, however, left SM Entertainment in 2018 following her contact expiration the same year. About one year before her departure, she signed with Steel Wool Entertainment and the world-famous, United Talent Agency.

While f(x) was still in session, Amber became the first band member to launch a solo career with her debut EP, Beautiful. That was in February 2015. In 2018, she released two single albums, White Noise + Lost At Sea and Countdown + Beautiful. Amber also has to her credit, numerous singles and a 2020 EP titled X. She is really determined to grow in her solo music career in the coming years.

In addition to music, however, Amber has made numerous television appearances both as actress and host. Prominent among them are his roles on Invincible Youth 2, Show Champion, We Got Married Global Edition, Ailee & Amber One Fine Day, and A Song For You 3 & 4.

Luna (Park Sun-young)

Luna whose real name is Park Sun-young is a South Korean singer, actress, and TV host. She was born a twin on 12th August 1993 in Seoul, South Korea into a household of classical singers. Luna earned a spot on SM Entertainment with her exceptional performance on SBS’ 2006 TV show, Truth Game. About three years later, the agency selected her as one of the members of f(x) where she worked as the main vocalist and lead dancer. Luna made her solo music career debut in May 2016 with the release of a mini-album titled Free Somebody. She subsequently left SM Entertainment in September 2019 after she failed to renew her expired contract with the agency. Following her exit from SM, she signed with Humap Contents. Among her latest solo releases are “Even So” and “Do You Love Me“.

Outside group projects, Luna has starred in several musical theaters such as Legally Blonde, High School Musical on Stage!, In the Heights, and Rudolf (The Last Kiss). She has also played several roles on numerous variety TV shows including as a contestant, herself, host, panelist or guest. Prominent among them are Idol Star Athletics Championships, Star King, King of Mask Singer, and Dressing Table 3.

Krystal (Chrystal Soo Jung)

Krystal is a South Korean-American singer and actress who is most popular as the lead vocalist of f(x). She was born Chrystal Soo Jung on 24th October 1994 in San Francisco, California. Her family had left their home country of South Korea to the United States in the 1980s.

Prior to her debut on f(x), Krystal appeared in several TV commercials including the ones for Lotte. She later joined SM Entertainment in 2006 and consequently moved to South Korea. Meanwhile, the agency had earlier offered her a trainee contract alongside her elder sister, Jessica Jung in 2000 but her parents turned down the offer as Krystal was only five then. They, however, allowed Jessica to accept hers and she later debuted with SM’s Girls’ Generation. In 2014, Krystal joined SM’s group, SM the Ballad and remains with the label as of 2019.

Aside from her f(x) projects, Krystal has featured in several TV series/shows including The Heirs, My Lovely Girl, Prison Playbook, and Player.

Death of Former f(x) Member, Sulli (Choi Jin-ri)

F(x) members and fans received with much sadness, the news of the death of a former member, Sulli whose real name is Choi Jin-ri. Born on the 29th of March, 1999, Sulli died on 14th October, 2019 at the age of 25. Her manager discovered her dead body at her apartment in Seongnam, South Korea on the said date when he came to check on her after failing to reach her on phone. Investigations concluded Sulli took her own life after suffering from severe depression possibly caused by cyberbullying of which she previously complained about.

Sulli initially gained popularity for her numerous acting roles which dated back to her childhood. She joined f(x) as a vocalist, lead rapper, and visual in 2009. She later left the band in 2015, citing intentions to pursue a career in acting. Sulli however, released a solo single in June 2019 titled “Goblin” under SM Entertainment.

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