Who Are The Sticklers Mike and Kat From TikTok?

The Sticklers Mike and Kat are a TikTok family who has recently been famous after they started to post prank family videos that are being loved by fans very much. Mike and Kat Stickler have a baby with whom they make their videos and they have been successful in getting attention and love from the audience in TikTok so far.

Quick Facts: Who Are The Sticklers Mike and Kat From TikTok?

Name The Sticklers Mikeandkat
Nationality American
Profession TikTok stars
Married/Single Married
Husband Mike Stickler
Wife Kat Stickler
Children A baby daughter
Instagram katstickler
Tiktok The Sticklers
Twitter mike_and_kat
Youtube Mike and Kat

The Sticklers have started TikTok and Youtube channel with their family as has been growing their fanbase every day with their content. The Covid-19 quarantine has helped the Sticklers family with their fame as they only started to make videos in 2020.


10 Facts on The Sticklers

  1. The Sticklers have recently been on the radar of the audience so they have no Wikipedia which makes it difficult to know their date of birth and place today. So age is unknown.
  2. The TikTok family has no details on their family background available but in their own family, there is only one child.
  3. Mike and Kat post comedy and prank videos which is the specialty of their content. This content has been very successful to date.
  4. On Instagram, the Sticklers have 66.2k followers in their account and the username is katstickler. They have posted their family photos all over the account.
  5. Mike and Kat have a self-titled youtube channel with 2k subscribers till now. They have uploaded a few videos only.
  6. The Sticklers have 432k followers in TikTok which is huge progress considering they have joined TikTok very recently.
  7. In May 2020, The Sticklers started posting TikTok videos, and just in a few month’s time, their videos have been like about 9.6 million times by fans.
  8. The videos posted by Mike and Kat are watched by a variety of people all over the world. They posted a video on September 15 which has a whopping 18.4 million views.
  9. The Sticklers married after Kat was pregnant while they were only dating each other. Today, they live in Tampa, Florida.
  10. The job associated with The Stickler family is unknown. Their net worth and earnings cannot be determined today.



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