Who Is Apple CEO Tim Cook Husband and Gay Partner? His Salary and Net Worth 2020

Tim Cook is one of the biggest names in the tech business and is the CEO of the world’s most valuable company, Apple. The giant recently became the first company to cross the valuation of $2 trillion, also making Cook the first-ever CEO of a business that is worth more than $2 trillion. 

Quick Facts: Who Is Apple CEO Tim Cook Husband and Gay Partner? His Salary and Net Worth 2020

Name Tim Cook
Birthday November 1, 1960
Age 59
Gender Gay
Nationality American
Net Worth Greater than $1.02 billion
Salary $3 million (Base)

This makes Tim a pioneer in the industry but this is not the first time he has become the first to something as he is the first openly gay leader of a Fortune 500 company. While not a founder of the company he runs, he is also a billionaire, read more below. 

Tim Cook Is Openly Gay

Cook is the first CEO of any Fortune 500 company to come out as gay. He has been under the microscope because of his position and had to hide his sexual identity or a very long time before making it public in 2014. 

He said that if people hear that the leader of Apple is gay then it will motivate them to accept who they are and will support them in figuring out who they are. 

As a matter of fact, in an interview, he said that he was motivated by letters from children who were struggling with their own sexual orientation. The kids in some of the letters also said that they were suicidal about their true identity because they could not tell it to anyone. 

For a long time, he hid his sexual orientation and did not tell anyone about his nature. Many people saw being gay as a failure in life and due to this, he wanted to come out in support of them. 

He attended a gay pride parade in June 2014 along with some staff from Apple.  

Is Tim Cook Married?

Cook is not married, in fact, he is not even comfortable talking about marriage. Indeed, he has remained secretive about his personal life all throughout his life, and even after becoming one of the biggest tech people in the world, he still remained private and brilliantly hid all of his personal details from the media. 

Tim was never public about his love life and still remains secretive about this to this day. In one of his own statements he said

I can’t talk about marriage much.

He has not revealed any details regarding his relationships but many tabloids believe that he is married secretly. 

Tim Cook’s Net Worth 2020

Apple reacher an official valuation of $2 trillion in August 2020. This meant that it surpassed all prior records of a company’s total worth in history. 

Tim Cook himself became a billionaire in August according to Business Insider. Prior to this, he was worth $635 million. his salary, shares, and proceeds from his stake total about $1.02 billion.

He owns 847,969 shares in Apple which is valued at $375 million in total and is 0.02% of the total company. The shares, dividends, and salary combined reaches  $650 million.

The entrepreneur is worth more than $1.02 billion but he has not made the information about his property, investment portfolio, and cash on hand public. 

His base salary alone was $3 million in 2019 and just 9 years ago he earned $900,00 as base salary from the post. He also spends his fortune in an incredibly practical way and has said multiple times that he is not motivated by money.

Cook does have a $2.3 million home in Palo Alto that has been obscured in the Google Street view. His home has been also valued at $3.1 million in 2020.  


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