Who Is Ashli Babbitt San Diego? Age, Wiki, Husband And Family

Ashli Babbitt, one of the supporters of President Donald Trump from San Diego is no more with us now. The San Diego news outlet KUSI News confirms that was shot and killed inside the United States Capitol Building during a violent pro-Trump siege on the 6th of January 2021.

Ashli’s family member confirmed the news. They stated that they saw the videos of the incident online and believed that the woman was not other than her. However, the family was not able to confirm that with authorities in Washington D.C. 

Quick Facts: Who Is Ashli Babbitt San Diego? Age, Wiki, Husband And Family

Name Ashli Babbitt
Age 35
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Military Personality
Husband Aaron Babbitt
Divorce Timothy McEntee

10 Facts On Ashli Babbitt

  1. Who Was Ashli Babbitt? Ashli Babbitt was a supporter of President Donald Trump from San Diego. She was killed during the rioting incited by President Trump on 6 January 2021.
  2. According to the wiki sources, she was an Air Force veteran. With a military background, she has served in the United States Air force.
  3. Ashli Babbitt’s age was 35 years old during the time of her death. 
  4. Ashli was residing in the coastal neighborhood of Ocean Beach in San Diego. She was raised by her parents in California, the United States.
  5. Ashli Babbitt’s husband was the person who identified his wife as the person killed in the violence at the Capitol. Her husband was Aaron Babbitt.
  6. She was previously married to Timothy McEntee from 2005 to 2019. The former couple even served together in the U.S. Air Force while they were married.
  7. Babbitt had served in the United States Air Force for 14 years. Moreover, she served four tours with the US Air Force and was a high-level security official during her regime.
  8. Ashli was a strong supporter of President Donald Trump. According to her ex-husband, she loved the United States with all her heart.
  9. Following her death, the Trump supporters portrayed her online as a martyr to their Make America Great Again cause.
  10. There is no Wikipedia page on her name. However, her news has been featured on numerous online news portals.


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