Who is Dina Srinivasan Married To? Everything To Know

Dina Srinivasan, an entrepreneur, is living with her family that includes her husband and four children. So, who is Dina Srinivasan? Here is everything to know about her.

Dina Srinivasan is currently a researcher of tech competition and policy. Previously, she founded an ad technology company. It got acquired by a division of WPP, Kantar Media SRDS (NASDAQ).

She is also an antithrust scholar currently working as a fellow associate with the Yale University’s Thurman Arnold Project.

Dina’s popularity increased when she filed a lawsuit against big tech companies like Google for using ad exchanges to favor their businesses.

Learn about Dina Srinivasan Family

Dina Srinivasan’s family includes her husband and children.

Though there is no detailed information about her parents and other family members.

Dina Srinivasan Husband: Who is She Married To?

Dina Srinivasan is married to her husband and is living together with their children.

The family currently resides in the Bay region, Northern California, United States.

Other than that, there are no details about her husband and children.

Dina Srinivasan Wikipedia And Twitter

Dina Srinivasan, despite being a popular figure does not have an official Wikipedia page.

Dina Srinivasan has a Twitter account with the username  @DinaSrinivasan. She joined Twitter in March 2012. Likewise, she currently has 8.9k followers on Twitter.

In regards to Dina’s age, there are no details on her birth date.

Dina holds a J.D. from Yale Law School. There, she studied law & economics. 

She spent four years as an executive at WPP. WPP is British multinational communication, advertising, public relations, technology, and commerce holding company based in London, England. 

Additionally, she founded iMSGu in the late 1990s. iMSGu is a text messaging platform that allowed users to send messages across different mobile spectrum networks like CDMA, TDMA, and GSM.

Dina is currently working on the antitrust case against Google filed by a coalition of U.S. State Attorneys General.

She has also published research and economic analysis of new tech markets, ‘The Antitrust Case Against Facebook’ in 2019.

Her research provided the foundation for government enforcement of antitrust laws against two of the largest tech companies, Google and Facebook.

Additionally, she also published another research titled Why Google Dominates Advertising Markets.

Dina has been mentioned by The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

Dina Srinivasan Net Worth 

Dina Srinivasan’s net worth is unknown.

The researcher, counselor, and entrepreneur should have a worth more than a million without a doubt.


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