Who is Dr Ashish Jha Wife? Harvard, Twitter Biography, MD

Dr Ashish Jha is a veteran physician who recently has been appointed as the dean of Brown University School of Public Health recently.

He graduated from Harvard Medical School in the year 1997. He is an Indian American health scholar who has worked at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health as a Global Health professor.

Besides, he is also been working as the vanguard against COVID-19 along with many doctors around the globe. He has requested the government of the US to help set national quarantine for at least two weeks.

Quick Facts: Who is Dr Ashish Jha Wife? Harvard, Twitter Biography, MD

Name Ashish K. Jha
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity Indo-American
Profession Doctor
Twitter https://twitter.com/ashishkjha?s=20

10 Facts On Dr Ashish Jha

  1. Dr Ashish Jha is a veteran physician who has been recently appointed as the dean of the Brown University of Public Health.
  2. He was born in Bihar, India in 1970 and is running in his 50.
  3. He worked as a Global Health professor at Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health.
  4. He migrated from India to Canada at first in the year 1979 and moved to America in 1983.
  5. He got his degree of medicine done from Harvard Medical School and got training for Internal Medicine Expert for the University of California and from Harvard T.H Chan School, he trained in Master of Public Health.
  6. There is no information about his wife and his personal life.
  7. His family initially belonged to Bihar but there’s no further information regarding it too.
  8. He is currently working as a frontline fighter along with the doctors worldwide against COVID-19.
  9. He is active only on Twitter and has got almost about 73.6K followers.
  10. Despite having his Wiki profile, there’s not much information about his salary and net worth.


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