Who is Felicia Kononchuk? Everything On TikTok video And Parents

Felicia Kononchuk Tiktok: who is the innocent victim of a merciless crime?Know everything about her last TikTok.

Quick Facts: Who is Felicia Kononchuk? Everything On TikTok video And Parents

Name Felicia Kononchuk
Age 9 years (Died February 17, 2021)
Gender Female
Nationality Russian
Parents Fyodor and Alena
Tiktok @bypseni1

A very downhearted moment took place when a 9-year-old Russian girl was shot dead on the 17th of February. The terrified young girl was gunned by a psychopathic man, who happens to be her neighbor.

While her dad was out, Felicia was alone at her home. She was terrorized by her lunatic neighbor for nearly an hour. However, the girl managed to post her last Tiktok video to her friend mentioning the terrifying experience with the drunk and obscene human, she claimed.

According to the reports, The innocent 9-year-old was shot diabolically, when mistakenly opened the door. She died in her father’s arms when her poor father found her covered all over with blood.

Felicia Kononchuk: Last Tiktok Video Explained

Felicia TikTok is under the username “@bypseni1”. She happened to post two videos describing her neighbor’s lunatic behavior.


часть1 #рек

♬ оригинальный звук – kitti

The girl described her situation in the video, saying that the man had been knocking loudly for a long time. The noise could be heard even in the other room. At the same time, also mentioned that she was home alone with her brothers.

Her sorrowful father posted a video showing a video from the graveyard with a girl in a casket that opened before the funeral and her four siblings.

“He has been standing here for several minutes, knocking and cursing. I’m scared,” she said according to Yahoo News.

Felicia Kononchuk: Parents Details

Felicia lives with her parents and two brothers.

Poor parents, Fyodor, 44 years of age, and mother Alena,35 years of age, are still in deep grief from Felicia’s untimely death. She was a very cheerful and bright young girl, says her grieving mother expressing her pain.


часть4 распространяйте!! ##рек

♬ оригинальный звук – kitti

She also has two brothers aged 4 and 14. Moreover, the Kononchuk family has Russian nationality. 

Who is the killer Vasily Dunets?

Vasily Dunets is the murderer of 9-year old Felicia. He is 33 years old and worked in a household supplies store.

Dunets, who was allegedly drunk at the time of the incident, was reportedly still sitting on a nearby staircase at the scene when the father returned to the apartment.

Dunets was reportedly upset about the noisy home repairs coming from the unit. According to Felicia’s mother, they had previously had good relations with the Dunets. 

According to police Dunets confessed to the killing and was detained soon afterward.

Dunets allegedly fired his hunting rifle through the door, striking Kononchuk in the head. He is set to face a life sentence if convicted.


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