The businessman, Harry Herbert has married chef Clodagh McKenna after he parted ways with his first wife three years ago.

Harry Herbert is a renowned British businessman and the CEO of Highclere Thoroughbred Racing.

Harry has been in the headlines recently after his marriage with the celebrity chef Clodagh was recently revealed. Multiple pictures of their marriage are wideout to the public.

The British businessman and the chef McKenna were dating since 2017 and announced their engagement in 2020 as reported by The Dailymail. It further reports the happening of their marriage and contains detailed information about their marriage.

Nonetheless, this is not Harry’s first marriage, in case you didn’t know.

Who Is Harry Herbert’s First Wife?

Harry Herbert was married to his first wife Francesca before they got separated in 2017.

Dailymail further reports that the couple were married for 25 years but decided to part ways in 2017.  While the details of their separation are not clearly known, their own house was also sold during the divorce proceedings as per reports.

Following their divorce, the queen was greatly saddened as Harry was like her own son to the queen.

Furthermore, Harry and Francesca together have three children, William, Chloe, and Frankie.

Does Harry Herbert Have A Wikipedia?

Apparently, Harry Herbert doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia bio to this date.

Regardless, there are multiple articles about the man where you can find plenty of information about him. Even though he is actively involved in racing as a businessman, Harry is yet to do something remarkable to have his own Wikipedia.

Harry Herbert Wedding Explored

Harry Herbert married his partner of three years, Clodagh Mckenna in a grand fashion.

Both of them looked absolutely stunning in their wedding dress as the bride was in white whereas the bridegroom wore a black suit.

Similarly, multiple other big names were also present in their wedding as the couple were very happy for tieing their knots. You can get more details on their wedding here.

Harry Herbert Parents And family

Harry Herbert was born to his father Henry Herbert and mother Jean Margaret Wallop.

Besides his parents, Harry has one sibling in his family and that is Geroge Herbert who is the 8th Earl of Carnarvon.

Regarding his own family, Harry has three children with his first wife Francesca as mentioned above.

What Is Harry Herbert’s Net Worth?

Unfortunately, the actual net worth of Harry Herbert is not confirmed to date.

However, considering that he is the CEO of a racing club and comes from a royal family, Harry is sure to have a pretty big net worth, probably multi-million.

Nonetheless, his exact net worth details are not available but we will let you know as soon as anything conclusive comes up.

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