Who is Hilario Lopez Milan? Everything On His Wikipedia And Family

Hilario Lopez Milan is a Spanish singer and TV personality. Let’s know more about his Wikipedia Biografia and Edad. 

Known for his musical career, Hilario Lopez Milan is a significant figure in Spain, especially in the world of Copla and contemporary music. Besides, he is also a journalist who has decades of work in radio. 

Keeping his sensational music in regard, Hilario has been awarded a lot of awards and recognitions. Apart from that, the guy also writes music critics and is considered one of the most judgemental eyes in Spanish music.

Hilario Lopez Milan Wikipedia Biografia: Get to know the singer

Milan doesn’t have a Wikipedia Biografia. However, he is one of the most celebrated figures in Spain. 

Born and raised in Hellin, Albacete, Spain, he has been singing and writing songs for more than 5 decades.  The artist started his career as a radio journalist which led him to sing songs on the radio. 

Following the love from the fans, he started recording and published many albums as well. 

Hilario Lopez Milan Edad: How old is he?

As of now, Hilario Lopez Milan is around 80 years of age. However, his exact date of birth and zodiac sign remain under review.

Originally from Albacete, Hilario moved to Madrid in 1969 when his musical career went to the high. He worked at the Escuela De Radio Juventud. Besides, he also appeared in several TV programs including “De Corazon” and “La Palmera.”

Is Hilario Lopez Milan Married? Everything on his familia

Yes, Milan is a married man. He tied the knots with his partner, Alberto.

Although, the singer is gay by sexuality.

However, there are no known facts about his children and other members of his familia. The financial details on his net worth and salary remain unavailable for the time being. 

Neither do we have any information on his illness, health, and death. 



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