Jane Marczewiski is already divorced from her husband. Read the full article to find all the information about her married life and her battle with cancer.

Jane, aka Nightbirde, is an American singer and songwriter who recently grabbed all the headlines after her soothing performance on America’s Got Talent.

She is originally from Nashville, and she is currently staying in Ohio.

Marczewiski has lots of talent, and her captivating smile has attracted many hearts. With her song, she became the new sensation.

But her life hasn’t been as soothing as her voice as she had to fight a lot. Despite her struggle, she is very positive, and now she has become the inspiration for all the people around the world.

Jane Marczewiski Husband and Boyfriend

Jane Marczewiski was married to her husband Jeremy Claudio.

Jeremy is a fellow singer and songwriter of her.

Jane was engaged to Jeremy Claudio in the year 2015. After 8 months, on July 5, they got married in Ohio and started their life.

She even left her singing career and started a day job when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She started her treatment, and she got rid of cancer, but it returned in 2019.

Jeremy Claudio left her in 2019, saying he has lost all his feelings for her.

She is not dating anyone right now.

Jane Marczewisky and Her Cancer

Jane Marczewisky was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017.

She had a long treatment and finally got rid of it, but it again reoccured.

However, her second fight with cancer wasn’t that easy because doctors said she had only 3 to 6 percent of getting cured.

But she won the battle again, came out victorious, and started singing through AGT.

Jane Marczewisky Golden Buzzer On AGT

Jane Marczewisky got golden buzzer from Simon Cowell.

Along with Simon Cowell, other judges, including Sofia Vergara, Heidi Clum, and Howie, were very emotional looking at her performance.

She sang her own song its ok which was really good.

According to judges, it was the most authentic song that they have heard till now. Simon Cowell, who is very tough, also got very emotional looking at her performance.

In her story, he gave her a golden buzzer which was the second golden buzzer of this season.

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