Who Is Janice Deul? Sexuality And Gender Revealed

Janice Deul Wiki and Instagram: Let’s get to know the journalist in depth. 

Janice Duel is currently receiving appreciation for her article titled “Opinion: A white translator for poetry by Amanda Gorman: incomprehensible”. The article speaks against the Dutch decision to hire Marieke Lucas Rijneveld as a translator for “The Hill we Climb”.

The book features poems by black artists like Amanda Gorman. After the backlash, Rijneveld has withdrawn from the role. 

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Janice attended the University of Leiden. Likewise, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Dutch Linguistics and Literature. Furthermore, she is currently working as a Co-curator for Central Museum in the Netherlands.  

Janice Duel supports books written by black authors. In fact, she is a freelance journalist herself. Furthermore, she has worked for magazines like AM, Glamour, and NRC Handelsblad. 

Is Janice Deul A Man Or Woman? Her Sexuality Revealed

Janice Duel’s sexuality and gender is straight female

Janice Duel is a heterosexual woman from Leiden, Netherlands. She is a black activist who mainly talks about fashion, media and culture. On the other hand, Janice Duel doesn’t prefer to be defined by her partner.

Nevertheless, Duel mentions that she gets inspired by both men and women. The activist strongly opines about racial and gender injustice. In 2015, she even gave a ted talk speech on “Use the power of fashion for a more inclusive world”. 

Janice Duel on Instagram

You can discover Janice Duel on Instagram as @janice.deul.

Duel is popular on IG with over 5.1k followers. Likewise, her Twitter Id is @JaniceDeul. According to her social bio, Janice Duel is the founder of the Diversity Rules Platform.

The activist also works as a columnist for OneWorld.nL and ND news Media. Therefore, Janice Duel must earn a handsome salary with her multiple jobs. However, the actual net worth for Janice Duel is currently under review.


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