Who is Jon Zherka aka Jonzherka?

Jon Zherka is a famous Twitch Streamer who has been quite a familiar face among the gamers. Besides Twitch, Jonzherka is also on other content creation sites like Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. Mostly you will find Jonzherka sharing gaming content on his Twitch handle. Jon Zherka has not shared parents’ and siblings’ details on his social media to date.

Quick Facts: Who is Jon Zherka aka Jonzherka?

Name Jon Zherka
Gender Male
Nationality Canadian
Profession caucasian
Twitter JonFuckenZherka
Youtube Jon Zherka

To do interaction with his fans and wellwishers Jon Zherka shares vlog on Twitter. On his twitter handle, Jon Zherka has amassed 20K followers all thanks to his fans. Jon Zherka’s gameplay is very entertaining and his gaming skills are top-notch. The youtube channel Twitch Room reported that xQc banned Jon Zherka from Among Us.

10 Facts on Jon Zherka

  1. Jon Zherka is a Canadian online content creator who has gained 82.5K followers in his twitch handle.
  2. Lately, Jon Zherka is sharing gameplay of the famous game Among Us and his gameplay is getting huge views and attention.
  3. Jon Zherka runs a self-titled youtube channel where he has finally surpassed the 10K mark on his youtube channel.
  4. The youtube journey of Jon Zherka started on March 19, 2019, and to date, Jon Zherka has amassed 790K views which is massive.
  5. The twitch streamer and professional gamer have invested huge time and effort in building his social media career. During his spare time, Jon Zherka does interaction with his fans.
  6. The Video with the titled XQc pulls 3 girls has earned 152K video views which is impressive.
  7. To make his video entertaining, Jon Zherka does various challenges views. Recently, Jon Zherka uploaded a 10,000 calorie challenge video which earned 13K views.
  8. Jon Zherka seems to be in a relationship with Jenna and Jon has featured her numerous times.
  9. Having a stable career the Twitch streamer Jon’s earning is surprisingly huge. Jon Zherka makes huge revenue from Google Adsense, brand endorsement, Twitch donations, and many more.
  10. No details have been shared online regarding the age and height information of Jon Zherka. Jon Zherka may be standing at the height of 5 feet and 7 inches and he may be in his late twenties.


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