Who Is Mariana Aleksieva? Everything To Know About Brian Rose’s wife

Mariana Aleksieva is London mayoral candidate Brian Rose wife. Here is information regarding her age and net worth. 

Aleksieva is an actress, and well known for her work in the movie The Supremacy. 

Mariana Aleksieva Age 

Mariana Aaleksieva age should be in the 30s. 

Her exact age isn’t revealed on any internet sites. However, looking through her photos, she seems to be around her mid-’30s. 

Does Mariana have Wikipedia? 

Mariana is not on Wiki. It seems she is also not active on her Instagram on other social media platforms. But she is seen talking in the London Real talk show along with her husband Brian Rose.

Aleksieva was born and raised in Bulgaria and came to Uk as an immigrant. 

She is married to Brian rose and has two sons Damon and Kaden. Mariana also has a daughter from her previous relationship. Her name is Gabby. 

They have also shared a video on Youtube about her journey and life together. 

How much is Mariana Aleksieva Net Worth?

Aleksieva’s net worth is not revealed.

In addition, she is an actress, and wife of Brian Rose which makes her one of the wealthy women. 

Brian Rose has an Instagram account, under the name therealbrianrose. He has 1.6m followers. His posts are mainly about his family, the mayor’s campaign, and his podcast. 

He was born in San Diego, United States in the year 1971. He was working as a banker in New York and London. Later he founded London Real in 2011, which is a podcast on Youtube channel. He is the CEO and host of the show. 

The couple also made their duo appeared together in the London Reel talk show expressing their love, and their life. 

Rose got his British citizen in 2007 and is now running for the 2021 London mayoral election for his own London Real Party. More information regarding his campaign can be found on this website.

Brian and six of his staff were caught in trouble for holding a campaign on 24 January 2021 for disbanding lockdown rules.


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