Who is Mirayduru90 TikTok? Everything To Know About

Mirayduru90 from TikTok has risen to fame with her impressive dance moves and trends. Here is everything to know about her. 

In a world that is made smaller by the introduction of the internet, TikTok has created a platform for people to share their ideas, views, and of course, talent. Hence, we get to have a trending video or a viral person every other day on the media networking site. 

As per recent TikTok insights, a user called “Mirayduru90” is making a lot of noise on the platform. Know everything about this viral user as we try and disclose very little info that we have on her. 

Mirayduru90: Who is the content creator from TikTok?

Mirayduru90 is a social media personality who is best known for her dancing videos on TikTok. 

As per our research, her account, Mirayduru90 has gathered over 1600 followers on TikTok. She last posted a video in the second week of January 2021. She has not posted ever since. 

However, another TikTok user called “Zeyenep.senelll1” has been re-posting those videos recently. It is yet to be known if both of the accounts are of the same person. 


♬ Nankör Kedi – Y. U. Remix – İbrahim Tatlıses

What is Mirayduru90’s real name? Everything on her nationality

We do not have any info on Mirayduru90’s real name. But her second account is called Zeyenep Senel. 

As judged by her TikTok videos, she may be of Turkish nationality. The creator dances to the Turkish songs. The hashtag also addresses the Turkish TV presenter and actress, Esra Erol. 

However, there is not much info about her on the internet as of now. 


♬ orijinal ses – 🧿BıyıkLıHatun🧿

Mirayduru90 Wiki Bio: Meet her on Instagram

The TikTok content creator is not present on Instagram. Her other social media accounts are yet to be tracked. 

She became famous on TikTok when she uploaded a dancing trend on Turkish songs. Her music trend has seen over 60k views in these last three days on TikTok. 


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