Who Is Officer Eugene Goodman? Wife, Age And Family Facts

Who Is Officer Eugene Goodman? Eugene Goodman is a USCP officer who came out as one of the heroes in the US Capitol riots. The situation became uncontrollable when the Trump supporters stormed the gates of the US Capitol. 

However, Eugene Goodman played a vital role to control the crowd. He lured a mob of protestors away from the Senate floor and hence, depreciated the tragedy in an already tragic day in American history. 

Quick Facts: Who Is Officer Eugene Goodman? Wife, Age And Family Facts

Name Eugene Goodman
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Police Officer
Married/Single Married

Currently, a dedicated USCP officer, Eugene Goodman also in the US Army. The veteran served tours in Iraq. Many people have suggested that he should win the Congressional Medal of Honor after his heroics. 

Here are a few facts to know about the hero of the USCP riots. 

10 Facts on Eugene Goodman

  1. Eugene Goodman is a USCP officer who helped to control the protestors who barged their way inside the US Capitol. 
  2. However, the officer’s age is yet to determined. Eugene Goodman is a war veteran. 
  3. Moreover, Eugene Goodman is a married man with a family. But his wife is yet to speak in any interviews about him. 
  4. Until now, the police officer doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography. But he certainly deserves one after his brave heroics. 
  5. Eugene comes from the background of the US Army. He was in the Army before and served in Iraq. 
  6. Inside the US Capitol, he lured the mob of protestors away from the Senate floor, saving a lot of lives. 
  7. He was recognized by a CNN reporter and ever since Goodman is viral on social media. 
  8. His video of luring protestors away is circulating on Twitter like an avalanche. People are calling him a hero and rightly so. 
  9. The riots were caused by the Trump supporters who stormed the US Capitol following the election result. 
  10. As a result, many people including a USCP officer have died during the mayhem. 


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