Who Is Oshi Maoshialsamyy TikTok? Biodata And Twitter Viral Skandal

Tiktok star Oshi Maoshialsamyy skandal went viral on Twitter. Continue to know more.

Oshi Maoshialsamyy is a famous content creator. Lately, a video alongside her boyfriend Ade Ilham is supposed to cause a scandal.

Netizens are very curious to know more about the Tiktok artist. Here are all the details we know about them so far.

Who Is Oshi Maoshialsamyy TikTok? 

Oshi Maoshialsamyy is an Indonesian Tiktoker and a content creator.

She goes by the username “@ Maoshialsamyy” and has more than  396 thousand followers.

Oshi is the girlfriend of Ade Ilham. The couple very recently got engaged in June 2021.

Besides,  Ilham is also a popular content creator. His Tiktok is under the username “adeilham” and has 105,000 followers.

Both the Web stars are considered to be gentle and healthy promoters. However, the latest incident has affected their good image.

For now, we are unable to find the official biodata of Oshi Maoshialsamyy and Ade Ilham.

Twitter Viral Skandal Explained

Oshi Maoshialsamyy’s viral photos and videos are overpowering Twitter.

The contents are attributed to be adulterous and were first distributed on July 16, 2021.

In the video, Oshi and her sweetheart Ade Ilham were captured in a very intimate position. Netizens are frequently sharing it on various media.

The video was first uploaded by Ade Ilham on his Instagram story.  While it was reuploaded by a Twitter user @corntoul which he posted on Friday, July 17, 2021.


In addition, @corntoul has shared some more photographs. However, the uploads were unclear as it was covered via watermark. Even though it’s not clear, the vulgar caption itself made Netizens more curious about the shared contents.

The post has so far been retweeted by 2,202 users, receiving 12 thousand likes and 3,134 comments.

It is suspected that Ilham had accidentally uploaded the photo. Likewise, some speculate the video footage circulating on Twitter to be fake. However, neither of the couples has addressed the situation so far.

Oshi Maoshialsamyy Age And Wikipedia

Oshi Maoshialsamyy’s age is in the twenties. 

Since she has no name on Wikipedia pages, we are unable to know her birthday details.

For now, we only know she is an Indonesian with Asian ethnicity.

Oshi Maoshialsamyy Instagram

Oshi Maoshialsamyy’s Instagram account has been temporarily disabled.

After the viral incident both the couple has decided to remain out of the social media for some time.

Not only that, the account that re-uploaded the scandalous photo has taken down the post.





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