Who Is Projekt Melody On Twitch? Why Was She Banned? Face Reveal And Facts To Know

Projekt Melody is a Twitch Streamer and Japanese 2D and 3D anime-styled creator. She rose to fame via Youtube and Twitter in 2019. She has been present on all sorts of social media including Chartubate and Pornhub as well. She streams anime styled stuff in a way that is sexual. 

However, her Twitch account was banned recently. The reason for the ban has been just revealed by her as someone claimed copyrights to her content. After a little scrutiny, it seems like the creator named DigitRevX emailed the copyright claim, who claimed to made Projekt melody already and sold to a different customer. Fortunately, the debate is over and the ban is over as well. Projekt Melody is back on Twitch and full of entertainment once again. 

Quick Facts: Who Is Projekt Melody On Twitch? Why Was She Banned? Face Reveal And Facts To Know

Name Projekt Melody
Gender Female
Profession Twitch Streamer
Instagram @ProjektMelody
Twitter @ProjektMelody
Youtube Projekt Melody

Here is everything you need to know about Projekt Melody.

10 Facts on Projekt Melody

  1. Projekt Melody is a Twitch streamer and VTuber who is known for her streaming videos on Twitch. 
  2. Unfortunately, her twitch account was banned recently. But the ban has been lifted and she is back on the platform. 
  3. As for the reason for the ban, she has ensured that her account got banned on copyright issues. 
  4. Speaking of which, DigitrevX has emailed a copyright claim over her content. The streamer had to have ups and downs during the ban. 
  5. But she has not revealed her face yet, a good thing for an event like this for sure. 
  6. Projekt Melody gained a lot of fame on Youtube. She currently has more than 383k subscribers on Youtube. She joined Youtube on July 8. 2019. 
  7. Similarly, she has hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch as well. 
  8. Besides, Projekt Melody is also present on Chaturbate and Pornhub. 
  9. Her age and real name remain a mystery for now. She calls herself the Melody Girl. 
  10. She surely has a great net worth as social media does pay well. Further info about her can be found in her Wikipedia biography


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